WISDOM OF HARD WORK Swami Sukhabodhananda

Wisdom of hard work swami sukhabodhananda

It is always difficult to find work for one who does not want to work. It is always difficult to find the opportunity for the one who does not search. If your state of being is useful, powerful and inspired, you become indispensable and then you will see opportunity in a difficulty and not a difficulty in an opportunity. There is no limit to what one can accomplish. Unfortunately, one is lost in trying to get a name and fame and hence disappointment.

It is said that the honey bee provides a superb example of hard work. It visits 125 clover heads to make one gram of honey. That means about 3 million trips to make one pound of honey.

Michelangelo once disputed the magic of his own talent by saying “if people knew how hard I have to work to gain my skill and mastery, it wouldn’t seem incredible at all”.

The wisdom of hard work is the art of enjoying work. Why don’t people enjoy their work? One can enjoy one’s work if one feels happy about oneself and thus extend this feel-good factor to work. One does not feel-good about oneself for one is always hurt, upset, jealous and compares with other. The ground of being for one’s action is this negativity. If action comes from upset, jealousy, anger, worry, frustration, greed etc, then one’s action is in friction with the object of one’s desire. An action, which is in friction with the object of one’s desire, adds to chaos and hence one does not enjoy and love what one is doing.

Can one look at this disorder? Be free to see that your inner frustration is a wrong inner material for action. If one can free oneself from this, then one is free for action. Out of this freedom if one acts, action is beautiful and then one will love what one does. Let the brain search for inner freedom.

Why are you frustrated? Why are you afraid? If one asks powerful questions, and then one will see that one is frustrated, upset, lonely or angry for one is inwardly empty and shallow. To fill this inner void one seeks escapes through pleasure, entertainment, and work. In such a work, one is a beggar of joy rather than giver of joy.

Why is one empty and inwardly void? One is empty and void for one has not seen beauty in life. One is always greedy to get what one wants, but that greed has made him or her more insensitive. An insensitive person is not receptive to the magic and miracle of life. Be sensitive at work, at home, to customers, to the boss and colleagues to be able to see the beauty in “what is”.

With this experience of beauty if one works, then work is an expression of beauty and beauty is a joy. Then work is joy and working hard is an expression of joy.


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