When God gives us problems, it is to humble us and not tumble us.

When god gives us problems, it is to humble us and not tumble us.

Life is a series of problem-solving opportunities. The problems you face will either tumble you or humble you - depending on how you respond to them.

It totally depends on us what tough time can do to us. If we become confused frustrated or disillusioned our courage will break and we will feel like a looser. But if we fight our problems we will learn from them, it will make us tough in life and make us feel like a winner.

God has reasons to give us problems. He wants us to be stronger than we are. Whenever there is a problem and we feel stressed, God sees opportunities instead. Whenever we see crises, God sees growth and betterment. Problems are intended to educate us, build us and prepare us in life for struggles as well as opportunities. We have to see the blessing of God, in the times of disguise.

Sadly, many people fail to see the true reason behind their problems. Problems are stepping stones in our lives.  We should always see the benefit and not brag about having the problems.

Here are five ways how God uses problems in our lives:

1.      Problems are to motivate us:

Many a times we get so comfortable in our lives that unknowingly we refuse to move ahead. We only look for different ways and try different things when we are in problem. So God gives us problems to motive us to move ahead in life.

2.      God gives problems to bring out our inner potential:

We don’t know our hidden strength until we test them. Problems are those tests of our lives. They make you aware of your own capabilities. People are like teabags, its only when you put them in hot water, you will get to know their true flavor.  So when you have many problems, troubles and sufferings don’t be disappointed instead be glad that God had given you a way to test yourself and know your true limits.

3.      Problems teach us:

There are some lessons in life that only experience can teach us. You cannot learn everything just by reading or observing others. For example when you were a kid and your parents asked you to stay away from a hot iron because it can burn you. You must have not learnt the true meaning of ‘burn’ just by listening to them. We usually learn what burning means when we actually touch a hot iron. This goes with God’s ways of teaching too. You don’t learn just by his prescribed texts, sometimes problems are essential to teach us many things in life.

4.      Some Problems protect us:

There are some problems that come to protect us from bigger problems. For instance there are times when you fall sick and cannot go to work. You worry about the loss of one day pay that would be cut down from your salary. But suddenly you see in the news that the bus you take every day has met with an accident and people are badly injured. What do you think about the suffering of falling sick? It surely has no comparison to the problem of falling sick.

5.      Problems make us skilled: 

Problems are like weaves in the sea. As the saying goes ‘Calm seas cannot make skilled sailors’. We need problems to correct us in life and make us skilled in the art of living.

So whenever you face problems in life don’t be dishearten. Always be positive that they are only for time being and when they leave, you will be a better version of yourself. 


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