True Blessing

True blessing

Different people have different notion of blessings.  Blessing could be anything like good marks in exams, a good spouse, money, fame, property, you name it. Some things may be considered as a blessing by some people while some may not find it to be a blessing at all. For instance, two students scoring 90 percent may have different reactions. One might be happy as he was would be content with the marks compared to his hard work while another may be disappointed as he was expecting more.  Same thing can be a blessing or a disappointment depending on person to person.

Sometimes what people may consider as blessing and what they may be asking God for, or working hard for might turn into a curse in the long run. For instance, a person might want to marry someone whom he thinks makes the perfect partner for his life. He would ask God to bless him with that girl for a life-time commitment. God would get please with his prayers and fulfill his wish. The person might consider himself lucky and blessed. But what if in the long run this girl proves to be the wrong person for his life? What if they end up taking divorce? In such a scenario what the man considered as a blessing proved to be a curse for him.

Sometimes things may be other way round too. What a person might find as a curse would be proven as a blessing in the long run. For instance, a student may fall sick during exam time and end up getting fewer marks than his potential. Due to shortage of marks, he would not get admission in the college he wanted to go. This would hurt him and he would consider this as the biggest curse of his life.  But in the long run who knows he might get better job opportunities than his friends who got the admission in the college he dreamt of or this college gave him more than he would have got in his choose able college?  Who knows!

So, what should we consider as a blessing and what not? How would one decide what to ask from God and what to not ask for?

The answer is simple. Live your life like a flowing river. Don’t expect, don’t ask and curb your desires. Let your life flow wherever the place is, let it go where God takes you. God loves all his children, he will not give one person all the joys or another person all the sorrows. God’s ways are fair. He equally distributes Joys and sorrows among all his children. It’s just that we might not be able to understand it. We might think that the person who has more money is always happy and the person who is poor is always unhappy. But these assumptions are incorrect.

Take life as it comes. Live in the moment. Enjoy all the things that you consider as blessings and work on all the things that you consider as a curse. Never get too proud for your blessings or too demoralized for what you consider as curses. Enjoy each phase of life and let things move. Who knows in the long run your blessings prove to be the biggest curse or your curses prove to be the biggest blessing?



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