The Mind - Its Highest Dimension and Its Role in Self-Realization  By Swami Sukhabodhananda

The mind - its highest dimension and its role in self-realization by swami sukhabodhananda

Chitta is the dimension of your mind that is pure intelligence. It is not coloured by experience, prejudice, memory or any other aspect of the mind. It is the Divine Spark of your true nature. At its very core, self realization, the end-goal of any spiritual journey, will lead you touch this dimension of your mind and then, having removed all layers of illusion, to finally transcend it. They say that when you do this, the Divine becomes your servant, so powerful is the potential in you. When you are able to access and maintain contact with the pure intelligence within, all things will fall in place within the material world. They will happen to you naturally, without any need for struggle from you side.


Vedic methods of self-exploration and self-realization focus on the individual gaining an experiential understanding of the Chitta and then stabilizing it. They say that it attains this state of stable calmness by the cessation of the chitta vrittis or the modifications of chitta.


We say that the chitta, pure intelligence or consciousness, is disturbed through our interactions with world. Good and bad experiences are simply dualities that cause disturbances in pure consciousness. By our very birth into this world we can expect that there shall be disturbances in our consciousness. In order to return to the calm, stable and self-realized state of our divine consciousness, we must practice techniques and apply tools that stop these disturbances.


 Our seeing is polluted by the scattered mind. Our mind is not abiding but scattered. The mind is scattered because the chitta is constantly under a state flux caused by disturbances. One is not clear of what one wants. In this drunken state, one is filled with activity. Activity is different from action. Action has direction and activity is confused action. Our activity is an absurdity in motion.


Learn to search, learn to see, learn to explore. If you do not explore, then you will miss the cosmos by being in chaos. But if you see wisely, then even in your scattered mad mind you will find that there is a cosmos. The mind, through its thoughts is searching for that very state of an undisturbed and peaceful consciousness. Let me share a dialogue between a student and a master.


Student: How is it possible that there is chaos in the cosmos as well as a cosmos in the chaos?

Master: A knife can be used to kill someone or cut a loaf of bread. It depends on the user.

Student: Still, I am not clear.

Master: A snakes poison can kill someone or one can make medicine out of the snake poison. It all depends on your creative use of snakes poison.


According to the enlightened Masters, human beings can be divided in to two types: sleeping beings and awakened beings. Happiness will depend on whether your consciousness is awake or asleep. If one is asleep, pleasure is equal to happiness. If one is awake, the true content of consciousness is happiness.

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