Quantum leap in understanding by swami sukhabodhananda

Doing whatever you have done, you will continue to get what you have got. To live wisely and happily, question the way you are doing. In today’s world of fast life, fast food has become a powerful source of convenience. There is no time for one to look how harmful the fast food is because one is so busy getting what one wants. To earn money and to get a quick buck, one goes to any ridiculous extent and thus spoils the quality of life.

If one looks at the majority of arms dealing, one will find that it is a source for making money. Some nations, to earn through arms deal, are even involved in causing a fight among nations. To exploit the rich deposit of diamonds in certain areas, particularly in countries which are economically weak, some unscrupulous business people are involved in creating disorder among the poor local tribes. The infighting among the local tribes facilitates smuggling diamonds. This is beautifully depicted in the movie “Blood Diamond”. All this is because quick money is their focus.

So, one is caught in the activity without truly experiencing true fulfillment. Hence, learn to question one’s actions. Pause stop and take a re-look and don’t blindly follow your values or what you are doing and do not allow to be blindly led by others.

Therefore, question any and every action. Also, question who is the doer? Is it the self? If one sees the whole process of the “self” and how it unfolds itself in action, then one will see, it is more harmful than being truly useful. This may be hard to believe or grasp but, it is true. The self wants to be better than the other and in the process becomes bitter. This creates division and any division leads to conflict. Nations have divided themselves, and in the fear of protecting themselves, they build lots of arms to destroy each other. The urge to be secure creates more insecurity and chaos. Can one see this deeply?

The “Self”, if you go little deeper, you will understand that it is nothing but your thought. When there is no thought, there is no “self” as in a state of deep sleep. So “self” hangs on thought. Thought is an expression of memory. Hence, for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, when memory is gone, they lose the sense of “self”.

The thought is conditioned by conclusions, dogmas, opinion, likes and dislikes. Thought is, therefore, not free, for it is bound by its conclusions, dogmas etc and hence the “self” is not free. This bound “self” creates disorder and chaos. If one sees this totally and non-verbally, then intelligence will be born, and that will end the egoistic self.

Look at the creation. It exists without the functioning of “self”. Therefore, there is intrinsic intelligence in creation. Learn from the creation to function without bringing this “I”. Can one break this psychological groove surrounding the “self” or “I”? This is a spiritual challenge, and this questions all that we know. If this understanding happens, there will be a quantum leap in our insight.


The Mind and the Atman  By Swami Sukhabodhananda

The mind and the atman by swami sukhabodhananda

Chitta is one of the four components or qualities of the mind. It is pure consciousness, pure intelligence. Chitta vrittis are modifications or disturbances of consciousness that cause it to be in a constant state of flux. These disturbances can be either negative or positive. Is this pure intelligence really the same as the atma or the sou...

God – The Ultimate Mystery

God – the ultimate mystery

Q. Where and how do we search for God? A. Remember that God hides within you, but you don’t see Him because the one place you will never look is inside yourself. You will search everywhere, but never within yourself. Therefore, paradoxical as it sounds, it is nevertheless true that you lose sight of God because He is hiding within y...

True Education

True education

What education truly means?A gang of thieves entered a bank to rob.  They made the employees stand facing the wall with their hands on the wall. After emptying the bank vaults, they started taking the valuables such as Cash; Watch; Phones etc that the employees were carrying with them. One of the employees on noticing what is happenin...

Listening  By Swami Sukhabodhananda

Listening by swami sukhabodhananda

The present worldly or material progress has not given true peace. The company of the wise will make you available or be open to a new possibility not linked to material progress. Do not be against material progress but thinking that taking refuge under material progress will give you joy is an expression of inner foolishness. This is the result...

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