Listening  By Swami Sukhabodhananda

Listening by swami sukhabodhananda

The present worldly or material progress has not given true peace. The company of the wise will make you available or be open to a new possibility not linked to material progress. Do not be against material progress but thinking that taking refuge under material progress will give you joy is an expression of inner foolishness. This is the result of unwise thinking.


Listen to any prayer deeply; listen deeply to the words of wise masters. Please do not be deaf internally. Then you will never understand the miracle, which can change your life. That is why I have said, “Some of us think and many of us assume we think.”


Thinking involves being open and learning to drop ones inner deafness. In the Ramayana, Ravana was advised by many elders that what he was doing was wrong. Did Ravana listen? No, he stuck to his point of view and was thus internally deaf.

In the Bhagavad, King Kamsa was advised many times that what he was doing was wrong. Did he listen? He was deaf. Kamsa stuck to what he wanted and this inertia led to his demise. Even in the Mahabaratha, Duryodhana was told many times by many people that what he was doing was wrong, but he did not listen. He was deaf internally. In all these cases see what happened to their lives. Let not our lives end like that.


You do not have to accept what I am saying. Do not also reject it. Be open and available to what I am saying. Thus, be part of wise living. Therefore, I want each one of you to observe in your daily life how you are listening. Catch your inner deafness; catch how you fall in love with your point of view and hence not open to the truth. Let this day be an auspicious day, where we learn to be open, think openly, dare to think wisely or you will be foolish like the king in the following story.


We have our preoccupation with what we want, and hence one cannot see. If you read my works or listen to my tapes when you are preoccupied, you cannot properly read or listen. You will unconsciously get involved with what you want by putting aside what is said. A mind, which is in fear and/or in frustration, is a mind in conflict, and such a mind can see only chaos and not a beauty of the cosmos. Such a mind is filled with the occupation of thoughts: thoughts of the past, thoughts of hurt, fear, frustration and so on. All these thoughts go on interfering with the perception of what is. These thoughts are layers and layers filled with references. Every reference has a story and these stories create the material to spin into a world of sorrow.


Vedic mantras end up with peace, peace and peace. When you listen even to an enlightened master with such a noisy mind, you will only hear the masters words, and interestingly the meaning is always with the master. A silent mind is not born out of any force, but with a deep understanding of the beauty of peace and in such a state one can perceive the unknown.


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