LET GO AND LET IN CLARITY  By Swami Sukhabodhananda

Let go and let in clarity by swami sukhabodhananda

The common cause of worry for both men and women is what they do not have rather than what they have. Mind is focused on what is missing and hence one is miserable.

The art of wise living is rejoicing and optimizing what you have and work on what you do not have. Life becomes effortless and functional if you operate from this space.

A man carrying on his head a load of feathers thinks that what he is carrying is iron and, therefore, suffers from this illusion. So often, your worry is like this. As you think, you become. A day of worrying is more tiring than a day of work.

Once, I was travelling with my student and on the way both of us were robbed. My student started worrying and whipping herself with the self-talk that she is always unlucky, and every time unpleasant things happen to her.

To make her understand the life better, I narrated to her the following incident:

A young couple was driving in a hilly forest area. The curves of the road were uncomfortable but at the same time thrilling. When the car turned a dark corner, suddenly four armed men appeared in front of the car and stopped it. The robbers dragged them out blindfolded them, took them a few meters inside the forest, and robbed them. Then, they forced the couple to march forward with their hands tied. Finally, the walk ended. The tired and worried victims were told by the robbers, “To hold tightly one end of the rope and hang on to it. If you leave the rope, you will fall, and the impact will crush you both to pieces as you are standing on a cliff.” Thus, saying the robbers left.

The worried couple started thinking what they should do. Women started crying. The man said, “I have read somewhere that worry is like a rocking chair, it keeps us busy but leads us nowhere. So let us now focus on what to do and how to go about.”

Seeing no other option, they decided to leave the rope in a relaxed way. “Let us feel that we are going to the Lords abode and with joy let us leave the rope,” said the women. “Let us end our suffering with surrender to the Lord,” said the man. Thus, they left the rope together and fell down. When they landed on the ground and untied the blindfold, they found they had fallen from a height of about five feet and not from a cliff. The robbers to gain time and to escape had bluffed them. They both were rejoiced at the “let go” that spontaneously happened and did not worry about what they lost.

“What a fantastic experience. Even if, we had gone to Disney land, we would not have gotten this experience. But, unasked we got this incredible experience,” said the wife.

“Now I see the value of life. I see how unpredictable life is. We should rejoice each moment with fullness,” said the husband.

“We are caught up with what we want rather than what is. We are attached to our wants, rather than experiencing the magic of life. Each experience is incredible. As we are too addicted to what we want, we are not able to look at the experience with awe. Is it not,” said the man with a smile.

Then the couple walked their way back, and it was a delightful walk for them.



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