LEARN TO EMPTY YOUR INNER CUP : Swami Sukhabodhananda

Learn to empty your inner cup : swami sukhabodhananda

Often one is insensitive to the poetry of living life wisely. One is caught in the prose of what one wants rather than what is truly wise. It is said, “God has given us two ears and one mouth,” to listen more and talk fewer words.” Have we learned the art of wise listening? We go to listen to lectures. Why do we go and listen? Have we asked this question? We collect more words, more concepts and they get stored in our memory bank. Next time we listen to some other lecture, our memory bank without our knowing becomes an obstacle, for we have invested in what we know. Hence, one’s knowledge of the past becomes one’s block. Is it not?

Are you reading this article more to confirm what you know or are you searching for something new? Listening or reading to find out something new is hugely different from listening or reading to confirm what you know. If you are listening more to confirm rather than to find out then your listening has no significance, is it not?

How can your listening be anchored in “finding out” rather than confirmation? Try this out next time. When you listen to a lecture, be sensitive to (a) beginning and ending of any concept that the speaker has spoken to get the whole picture; (b) see the “newness” of what the speaker is saying; (c) see what is that you can practice from what the speaker is saying and lastly (d) can you be alert to be “open” to what the speaker is saying without allowing your knowledge to interfere with your understanding. Try this out and then you will learn how to find out.

To find out, one has to be open and flowing. Have you observed how a river flows; how there are small ponds on the banks of the river? If you have, you would also have observed that water stagnates in the pond, but the river water is fresh, vibrant and flowing. One becomes like a pond, one becomes stagnant to what one knows, to one’s positionality, to one’s opinion, to one’s dogmas and miss the quality of the freshness of the flowing river.

When your listening is caught in your opinion, in your dogmas, in your likes and dislikes, you miss the freshness and openness of listening. When you are listening, learn to be open and flowing. Give space to the speaker; give space to your doubts. Giving inner space is being open. And from that openness when you listen, there is a different quality of understanding. Next time your boss is talking to you, don’t be caught in your disagreement, give space to your preferences and give space to what he is saying, then you can intuit what he is saying.

Next time your spouse scolds you, just be open, don’t get lost in what you want, give space for your spouse to say and from that openness listen to her scolding. You will understand better and not be bitter. Once you are bitter, you get isolated, and in that isolation, you can’t connect to your spouse. Isolation creates conflict, and when one is in conflict, one is filled with one’s frustration and hence your inner cup of your mind is filled with restlessness. Learn to empty your inner cup.



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