How to Pray Truly

How to pray truly

In our busy schedules where life has become extremely fast paced that people often forget about the power of prayer. They are so busy with their hectic schedules that praying or remembering God has taken a backdrop.

One reason of this is, people believe that God lives in Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras and other holy places. So praying to God means visiting any of these places depending on one’s religion. Also while going in a holy place, taking care that you wear clean proper clothes, keep your footwear outside and pray with whole devotion and feeling. All these are just beliefs that people hold. In reality God does not want you to visit a holy place to pray to him or remember him. He does not care about your cloths, footwear or in whatever language you pray.

All God truly cares about is your heart, soul and true feelings. He stays everywhere, looking for him in special places is not important. He created all his children naked, wearing a certain type of dress is not essential. He is not language biased; he has created all the languages. All God wishes from his children is that they truly remember him.

Praying to God can be done anywhere, anytime no matter wherever you are. Just like you take out your phone and reply a Whatsapp message or check your Facebook account; you can take out time to remember God and make a silent prayer.  Whether you are travelling, eating, working or having leisure time, take out sometime, even a minute, and thank God for your blessings or ask him to grant you what you need.

Why Pray?

Because prayer has the power to get you even those things that are not already written in your destiny.  God cannot deny if any of his children asks something for him. So he grants prayers of his children.  But consider that the prayers should be valid and truthful. God hears what each and every child of his has to say and then decides whose prayers to answer. So pray as much as you can, not only for asking things but also for thanking him for all the things he has granted you with. For example, he has given you this life, parents, a body, a mind, siblings, friends, education, a shelter, food to eat and each and every thing that we have is given by him. So it is our liability to thank him for each and every thing that we have.

How to pray

Prayer does not require any magical formula. Nor you have to be broken or have tears in your eyes while praying.  Praying does not require certain words or phrases to get God to answer your prayers nor do you need to memorize or keep reciting to God.

True way of praying is through clear heart, trust, request, confession and devotion. It also means believing truly in God that whether he grants your wishes or not, he is only doing it in your favor.



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