GREED FOR SUCCESS  :  Swami Sukhabodhananda

Greed for success : swami sukhabodhananda

Most people will succeed in life if they are not burdened by greed for success. To be committed to success is different from greed for success. If one is greedy, it is an utter failure. “Men don’t plan to be failures. They simply fail to plan to be successful,” said William A. Ward.

Most of the people lack the commitment to call on their untapped potential. Most people settle down to be mediocre in life and complain rest of their life; while the daring few go on making changes for succeeding in their endeavor.

Let us look at life in a different perceptive. Learn to meditate on life itself. For some, this may be shocking to grasp. Learn not to be lost in one’s goal and not to lose sleep. Learn not to withdraw from life out of fear of going through difficulties in achieving one’s goal. Meditation need not be a withdrawal from life. Neither it is concentration, where one forces one’s life energy to conform to a pattern set by your mind and thus get bound by its own ideal. This conformity to an ideal, to your discipline, is a subtle kind of escape from the actuality of “what is”. Man seeks reality through success and fantasies and thus gets caught in the acquisition. One is lost in acquiring more and more for deep within one is empty. One needs a meditative alertness to see this fact.

Why is one lost in “becoming” successful or enlightened? Is it not true “becoming” mode is a limitation and a pattern? Does not one get bound by the pattern? Learn to see “becoming” has given only illusion of fulfillment. It is like a rose wanting to become moon and moon wanting to become rose. If rose can see the beauty of itself and the beauty of the moon and vice-versa, then one is heightened by the perception of beauty. Hence there is the fulfillment in the “now” and not in the “becoming” mode. Is not the power of “Being” is powerful than the power of “becoming”.

Can you meditate in your life on the power of “Being” - be it at home or work - rather than get lost in “becoming”.

You may say, “There appear to be no need to become successful. There is some contradiction. Please explain.

We are more focused on explanation and the logic of it rather than what makes life fulfilling. Truth has to be comprehended rather than explained. With the power of “Being”, one can see the beauty of life and from that inner space, one can tap one’s potentiality to reach one’s goal. The goal is not equal to success, but the way you reach the goal - with joy, with love, with passion, with a commitment, with creativity that itself is a success. Then reaching your goal is an expansion of success, the tapping of one’s inner beauty and potential. This is a different and meditative way of looking at life.


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