God – The Ultimate Mystery

God – the ultimate mystery

Q. Where and how do we search for God?


A. Remember that God hides within you, but you don’t see Him because the one place you will never look is inside yourself. You will search everywhere, but never within yourself. Therefore, paradoxical as it sounds, it is nevertheless true that you lose sight of God because He is hiding within you.


Learn from the dog. As a puppy, it starts loving its master, and 13 long years later, even during its dying moments, it has the same degree of devotion and love towards its master for feeding it with whatever he could, may be as little as two slices of bread a day. A dog is ever prepared to place itself in difficulty to protect its master.


Now look at what God has given us; much more than the delicious dishes we devour daily. Our intelligence – buddhi is the prime gift. Yet, are we loving and grateful enough to God who has given us all these?


Do we have even a little of the gratitude a dog has towards its master? No! That is why Dattatreya considers the dog as one of his gurus. Dattatreya draws four lessons from the dog. A dog doesn’t count its misfortunes or grieve over them. That is, a dog doesn’t live in the past. It doesn’t make long-term plans either. It doesn’t live in the future. It lives instinctively, from moment to moment. A dog’s life is one unbroken straight line marked by love, devotion and gratitude to the one who sustains it. Devotion is its defining property. Can we, like the dog, be always grateful to our Creator and Sustainer? Can we give up being miserable about our past misfortunes and mistakes? Can we desist from gloating over some lucky events of the past? Can we stop worrying about what is going to happen to us in the near or distant future? Can we stop dreaming and building castles in the air? Can we accept life on its own terms? Can we learn simply to be loyal to our Master and rely on Him for all we need and want?


Note that these are disciplines we impose on ourselves. When we reach this stage, we will have achieved a mental state that looks with equal ease at happiness and sorrow, at misery and luxury; in short, we will have seen God in ourselves. This is the essence of the great Sanskrit saying, “Tat twam asi” – “You are THAT”, or “You are the object of your search”. A believer’s spiritual journey is a discipline for reaching this stage of supreme self-realization.



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