Free yourself from the conflict of opposites swami sukhabodhananda

Life seems to be caught in the conflict of opposites. How can one free oneself from that?

Opposites can be viewed as conflict or one can be in harmony with it. Breathing in and breathing out, in the dynamics of language is opposites but it is not in conflict. One helps the other as a compliment and not a conflict. When sorrow arises, if one can be peaceful in experiencing sorrow, one will learn from sorrow. And in that learning one will not create a conflict of sorrow but a harmony in sorrow.

How to deal with sorrow?

When there is sorrow experience it. Instead of peacefully experiencing sorrow, you start worrying, getting angry, feeling bad, and feeling jealous of the other and start saying, “Why should this sorrow exist? Why me? This is not fair etc.” Such conversations sullen your mind. The worrying mind loses sensitivity. When the tide of sorrow goes, then the same mind will have to meet joy, the opposite of sorrow. Since, till now the mind was worrying, it will not be sensitive to receive joy, peacefully.

So learn to experience sorrow, be patient that sorrow will go and joy or peace will come. Like, when one wave goes the other wave comes. So, while experiencing sorrow, just experience it and at that time don’t worry, don’t be angry, and then such a calm mind can meet another experience more gracefully.

A young fish started asking older fishes “where is the ocean?” When it was told that the water in which it exists is the ocean, it used to laugh and swim away. Then it met an old wise fish. Old fish took the younger one to the edge of the sea and pushed it out of the ocean. The young fellow started struggling. The old fish then pushed it back into the ocean and said, “This water is the ocean”. Then, the young fish saw the beauty and magic of the water.

In the same way, peacefully experience sorrow. When the sorrow goes and when joy comes, joy will not be ordinary but extraordinary. So, nature has an intrinsic purpose of the play of opposites. But dealing with it wisely one can be in harmony with opposites and not in conflict.

I am not still clear. How can one peacefully experience sorrow?

Your brain has to search for such a contact, for such an inner state. Your brain is always worried, expecting, justifying, comparing. Drop that, and directly contact sorrow, without all these foolish conversations. Train the brain to see sorrow without expecting and then intelligence will transform sorrow. You have to search for it.

You will also learn to be peaceful if you learn to relish happy incidents in the life. Let it be a way of life, then at some moments in a day, reflect on happy and joyous incidents and relive it. Then you will have the capacity to enjoy life. Learn also to go on sharing happiness. Learn to talk on joy more, on love more, on the things you have more rather than feeling miserable with unhappy things in life. Then you will develop an inner strength to face difficult times.



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