Fragile and Impermanent Body

Fragile and impermanent body

Learn to treat the body as a dress. Dress is not you. Treat the body, as not oneself, but the dress. Understand that your body is extremely fragile, however, strong it may be. Even a mosquito can kill you. Remember that you have the body and not body has you. I have a car is different from the car has me. Likewise, to say you have money is one thing and to say the money has you is decidedly different. Once you know that this body is fragile, you do not invest your life in the body. One has to respect the body and take care of it. One has to see the beauty of the body. Take the illustration of the flower, which is fragile, but still beautiful. In the same way, our body is fragile and impermanent, but still it is beautiful. The notion that only the permanent is beautiful is a myth. Flower is impermanent but still beautiful.

The famed King Alexander while passing through a city, heard that there was a mystical lake in that city and any one drinking water from that lake becomes eternal.

The king rushed to the lake to drink the water, for he wanted to be eternal. As he happily went to drink water, a crow started speaking. The crow said, “For heaven’s sake do not drink water from the lake. You will become eternal. I drank, and now

I am eternally a crow.”

Learn to love the impermanent and the permanent. Learn to see elegance in imperfection. There is so much beauty in the impermanent.


Everyone seems to be harming me. Why should this happen?

No one can hurt you unless you give permission to be hurt. Dwell on this deeply. Someone may say a harsh word. That is his freedom. Your freedom is to accept it or reject it. Why can’t you come from this inner freedom? When someone or something is not acceptable, reject it in the same way you reject a salesman trying to sell something that you don’t want. If you don’t reject, it would appear that you have accepted it at some level. This is the disorder. Also, don’t get lost in asking, why? Instead, ask how I can deal with this and deal with it wisely. Being wise involves you to internalize things carefully. You should be alert not to personalize it, if someone says you are a fool. Don’t internalize it. Do not allow past references of someone calling you a fool come unconsciously and support or confuse you. This much of inner alertness, one should have in one’s life. Once you are alert, you will not be a prey to your disempowering self-talk.

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