Filling up the Blank Slate – Tabula Rasa

Filling up the blank slate – tabula rasa

Every human being is born like a blank slate, ‘Tabula Rasa’. But as we nurture, we began to absorb things, achieve knowledge about life, make memories, learn lessons and start gaining our own experiences.  With all these, the blank slate that we were born with began to get filled. The more we live our life, the more things are written on that slate.  We cannot keep this slate aside, nor can we neglect it. We carry it everywhere we go. It becomes a permanent part of oneself like our brain, it is there but we cannot see it nor can anyone know about it.

Life is all about filling up that slate. Though we cannot decide what happens to our life, we have some control over deciding what we want to write on that slate. But by default, human beings are conditioned in such a way that they end up writing only the negative things happening to them rather than engraving the positive ones. We end up filling our slate with things like bad experiences, awful memories, grief, past hurts, guilt, victimhood, anger, unfulfilled desires and fantasies. Very rarely we script our joys, Tabula rasa in it.

What is the reason of stuffing more negatives than positives?  The foremost reason is we as human beings are jealous. We always keep comparing ourselves with people who are well-off and higher than us and keep writing down all the things that we don’t have compared to them. Another reason is we believe that happiness and gratitude is our born right but sadness is something that only happens to others. So when problems arise in our lives, we give it more importance than it deserves and keep focusing on them.

But we can stop filling our slate with negativity. One way of doing it is making a voluntary effort of focusing on your blessings rather than your troubles

What you attract in life depends on your thoughts, given that we live in a universe that works on ‘law of attraction’ where positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.  So if you keep writing negative things on your slate than it is apparent that life will bring you more negative situations. As life is like a mirror, what happens inside us reflects outside us too. Let go of the things that are unnecessarily cluttering your slate. Don’t make a script that is so negative that you yourself get scared to read it. Write a beautiful, happy story that you want to read again and again. 

Change your mind set about things. Take all the bad experiences, sufferings, problems and troubles as lessons of life. Forget the negativity while keeping the lessons. Fill your slate with more happy, joyful, good and positive experiences.  Don’t compare yourself to people who are higher then you or ahead of you, instead think about all those people who are dreaming to get the life that you own, struggling to have what you possess.

Life is passing, whether we enjoy it or whether we unnecessarily struggle. So make sure you write only the good part of your life. And inscribe a beautiful story that you would like to go back and read again and again.


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