Do we dare to think?

Do we dare to think?

Each one is a victim to one’s inner conditioning; one’s inner programming. Look at the following intriguing incident: - Every night, a baby elephant was tied to a pillar, and in the morning, it was untied. This went on for many years. One night, it so happened that Mahout forgot to tie the elephant to the pillar. Next day morning, when Mahout tried to take out the elephant, it was not moving; for the elephant felt it was tied. So the mahout had to pretend to untie the elephant and then it moved. The elephant was conditioned to the tying and untying. Hence, it was blind to the fact that it was not tied. This is true for many people. Our conditioning is killing us but still we continue to be in the conditioning, which is, false. Even the false can truly bind us like in the above example of the elephant. One has to be extremely alert. This is a salient point I am unfolding to you.


To think without the tyrant thinker is to be free from thought


The whole principle of yoga is based on three basic facts


(a)  Understand the mind, (b) Transform the mind and (c) Transcend the mind.


One should see the fact that our mind is nothing but thoughts. Thoughts, in many cases, have more impact than the situation. This has to be understood deeply and not merely intellectually. Let me illustrate this with an example. A lady is invited to a 5 star hotel. This being her first visit to a 5 star hotel, lady reaches early and goes on a tour of the hotel. Seeing the beautiful ambience of the hotel, she felt extremely happy. As people start coming in, she sees how beautifully they are dressed and what costly jewellery they are wearing. She feels that, in contrast to other guests, her dress and jewels are acutely ordinary.


Initially, if you see, she was happy, and now when she finds others are well dressed, she is unhappy. The situation is not different, but mind due to comparison has brought in pain. See how mind impacts. One has to understand this fact. Most of the time, we are busy changing the situation hoping we will be happy. But we don’t take time to see what is our state of our mind. In most situations, mind has deeper impact in life than the situations. Secondly one has to transform the mind. Mind’s prime function is interpretation. Our interpretation can be whipping or uplifting. Let us say a child has failed in an examination. Mother gives herself an uplifting talk. She says that next time her son will study hard and pass the examination. Father whips himself by saying my son is a gone case; he will never come up and he is spoilt. So, parents desirous of transformation should be disciplined to give uplifting self-talk. Lastly, transcending the mind is through meditation. Meditation is not a process of thinking. Thinking is the first step but one has to transcend thinking.


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