CREATE A HEAVEN OR HELL : Swami Sukhabodhananda

Create a heaven or hell : swami sukhabodhananda

 “My husband does not care for me. He is lost in making money,” the wife complained. The husband said, “The money I make is all that I have got. My wife is interested in her pleasures and loves her pranks.”

It appears each one is lost in their subjective world and missed and missing the joy of connecting to each other. The relationship is beautiful only when you connect, is it not? Why do we fail to connect? One has to see this clearly. One is connected to what one wants and not to other.

I told the couple a beautiful Zen story. A Zen master was always happy. Even in difficult times, he was happy. When asked for the secret of his happiness, he said, “When I get up in the morning, I ask myself, do I want to be in heaven or hell. Then I choose heaven and, therefore, I create heaven each moment.

How does one create a heaven?

Reflect on this story.

A person was on his death bed. He had a dream. In his dream, an angel took him on a tour of hell and heaven. The angel first showed him hell. There, each one’s hands were tied with a spoon in one hand and a fork in the other. Most delicious food was ready in front of them. They were struggling to eat because the spoon and the fork were tied to each person’s hand with one foot long stick. They were starving.

Then he was taken to another place, which angel mentioned as heaven. The scene was the same as hell, but people here were enjoying and laughing, for each one was serving the other.

The moment you serve, you connect, and nature always helps those who serve. One creates heaven by serving others. One creates hell by getting lost in oneself.

I have traveled far and wide. Wherever one goes, the cause for suffering is one’s personality. When one is inwardly enlightened, one will suddenly realize that one’s personality just died. Personality is one’s ego. Ego covers truth and what one has to see is one’s essence. This essentially means realization has to happen. Personality protects some of our patterns, conflicts and hurts as a matter of survival. Essence must impact and transform personality, and then one will be truly joyous.

In a corporate context for achievement, one should have personality - the ego is it not?

No, not true. For achievement, one needs commitment and clarity, and not ego. Ego is a block. It creates a wall around you and you are in conflict with your friends. It is the team which wins and with the ego, you are in conflict with the team. In life, one needs an innocent and wise-self, and not arrogant self - the ego. Ego is of nuisance value. It creates visible and invisible suffering.

Watch yourself when you suffer. You think suffering is coming from the experience or object of the experience. The point is not what you get or don’t get. The suffering comes from the content of one’s experience and not from the object of your perception. It comes from the operator in you, the one who sees, the one who acts, and the one who experiences.


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