Corporate work ethics

Our life has become one gigantic game. To succeed in this game, we have to struggle. This struggle is consuming our life silently.

One should not discard success because of the simple reason that the creative process which is installed in one’s DNA has to be allowed. Being creative has to be encouraged. But in this process, if one is not alert, one’s inner joy will be destroyed. Hence, one has to make sure that one’s commitment for corporate excellence is based on the foundation of work ethics.

Ethics is not some rules based on laws. Understanding of ethics as rules is a primitive understanding of ethics. Ethics is based on goodness. Goodness is not bound by one’s definition, but it is like intelligence, it is free flowing, but has its intrinsic wisdom. Ethics is moment of order and an action born out of order is goodness. Goodness in action mode is ethics. It is a measurement of health to be ethical in an unethical society.

An ethical process is order in motion and hence immensely crucial in the corporate world. One of the important aspects of being altruistic is a high degree of integrity. From a spiritual dimension, it is integrating the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects. Abusing the body is unethical. Abusing it through wrong behavior, junk food… is harming the body. When the body is abused, it affects the mind. When one drinks alcohol, one is damaging not only the body but also the mind, is it not? So something wrong done to the body affects the mind. Once the mind is affected one’s perception is also affected. So handling one’s body rightly involves right food and right posture.

What does right posture mean? It is keeping one’s body alive and vibrant. Good body energy has the power to do right things. Like in sports, a right posture will help one to perform. Next is emotional health. Keeping an enthusiastic emotion gives aliveness and that power gives the power to do the right things. Next is intellectual health, which means being a part of a solution and not a victim, to a problem. Lastly, the focus should be on spiritual health, which involves operating from right values. This involves self-discipline. A value is a value if the value of the value is valuable to one. So, let ethical values be terribly dear and valuable to one.

Operating as a team and not as an individual should be a corporate value. Hence it is corporate ethics. TEAM means Together Empowering to Achieve More. One has to learn to drop self-love and love one’s organization, and hence the team. Self-love is the mother of all conflicts. When one is addicted to one’s point of view and one’s dogma, then one is in conflict with the other. By self-love, one is constricting the consciousness to the self and hence will be in conflict with the other. This conflict creates disorder in the organization and disintegration of the team. One’s love should be to the whole, the whole team. Such a love is inclusive and not exclusive. So love includes the self and does not get imprisoned by the self.

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