Company of a Wise

Company of a wise

It is very important to be in the company of the wise - satsanga. More than the words, it is their presence, more than the logic, it is their love, more than the structure of the path, it is the structure-less understanding as understanding has no structure that is going to make a deep impact and difference in the life of a seeker. If you observe closely, a thought has a structure. You try to comprehend something that does not conform to a structure through a structure of thought. Therefore, be in the company of the wise - satsanga. Being constantly in the company of the wise - satsanga gives you solitude - nissanga, from nissanga delusion - nirmoha, will lose its grip over you, when nirmoha, void of delusion happens, niscalatattvam - unchangeable reality surfaces, then niscalatattve jivanmuktih – one realizes the state of liberation. Jivan means living. Don’t nurse a feeling that after death you will be transported to the heavenly abode - vaikunta. While living itself, in this very life convert your life of deficiency - samsaara, into a state of inner freedom - nirvana. Or else, the reverse would happen… you may convert nirvana into samsara. So, it is vital to be in the association of the wise - satsanga. When you constantly listen you know what happens? It is like cleaning the mirror. Reflect on this incident.

A master - guru taught the disciple - shishya all that he knew of. Having taught all the scriptures, he told the disciple that for the final teaching he would have to go to a nearby ashram. Trusting the words of his guru he set out to meet the other guru in the nearby ashram. To his utter surprise his new found guru had stopped teaching. He found that the new found guru was only serving food to everybody in the ashram out of love.

The guru himself would cook and would serve, not only that, the guru himself would clean the left overs and wash the dishes. So the disciple saw how lovingly the guru was serving and he understood what it meant to serve out of love. Later he noticed something profound. The guru himself washed the dishes and kept them in order before he went to sleep. Next morning, he used to take out the dishes, washed them again and started cooking. The disciple was wondering as to why the guru should wash the dishes all over again in the morning while they were already been washed thoroughly earlier in the night and that dishes were not dusty either. He observed all such details and came back to narrate to his earlier guru.

Therefore, there is a mention of asakrit upadesha. Asakrit means until you understand. Constantly listen. Go on listening till you are one with the understanding - Pounena shravanam kuriyat.

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