Be adept in handling problems of life

How to handle problems with bosses, employees, family and life in general?

When Walt Disney was still an unsuccessful cartoonist, he saw a mouse going up and down the garage of a church he was attending. For anyone else in his position, it may have been just another mouse doing what mice generally do. Not so for Walt Disney. For a creative man, everyday simple things are the fuel that fires success. This was no ordinary mouse to Walt Disney. This was Mickey Mouse. And the rest, as they say, is history.

We can never avoid problems. They are inevitable. Suffering, however, is optional. If you look into people’s life, you will not get surprised at what people suffer from, but certainly you will be surprised at what they miss. One has to learn the art of seeing an opportunity in a difficulty and not a difficulty in an opportunity. This requires creativity. Do we have control over our problems or are the problems in control of us? Are we a master of the problem or a victim to the problem?

Problem solving is today being taught as a management tool. How we approach a problem is key. Most of the time, be it at work or home, we approach a problem with a complaint and not with commitment. Our approach should keep at its center commitment for a solution; the complaint regarding the problem should be on the peripheral. If one can be alert, then one will operate with commitment rather than from a complaint. This alertness should have the quality of openness.  Stay open to solutions. That way you will not be victim to a problem. Ineffective people approach a problem with worry, anxiety, fear; that adds to the problem. But if one is alert to the problem, open to the problem, then in that alertness there is stillness and in that stillness one’s deeper intelligence will flow.

To approach a problem wisely, one has to be open, alert and have fun with the problem. One has to learn to enjoy the problem and to feel thrilled with the problem. If we can do this, we will learn to face them with strength, free of fear and anxiety.


When God gives us problems, it is to humble us and not tumble us.

When god gives us problems, it is to humble us and not tumble us.

Life is a series of problem-solving opportunities. The problems you face will either tumble you or humble you - depending on how you respond to them.It totally depends on us what tough time can do to us. If we become confused frustrated or disillusioned our courage will break and we will feel like a looser. But if we fight our problems we wi...

The Nature of the Atman  By Swami Sukhabodhananda

The nature of the atman by swami sukhabodhananda

Know that one’s body is fragile a dress containing the uncontained mind,Your worst enemy can’t harm you more than an untrained mind,No one can help you as a watchful eye,Fire exists hidden in the log of wood as plant in the seed,Let understanding lift you, To discover what you have already won.         - &...

CREATE A HEAVEN OR HELL : Swami Sukhabodhananda

Create a heaven or hell : swami sukhabodhananda

 “My husband does not care for me. He is lost in making money,” the wife complained. The husband said, “The money I make is all that I have got. My wife is interested in her pleasures and loves her pranks.”It appears each one is lost in their subjective world and missed and missing the joy of connecting to each other. The relationsh...

Do we dare to think?

Do we dare to think?

Each one is a victim to one’s inner conditioning; one’s inner programming. Look at the following intriguing incident: - Every night, a baby elephant was tied to a pillar, and in the morning, it was untied. This went on for many years. One night, it so happened that Mahout forgot to tie the elephant to the pillar. Next day morning, when ...

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