A PSYCHOLOGICAL PRISON : Swami Sukhabodhananda

A psychological prison : swami sukhabodhananda

Every hour if one remains angry, he/she gives up sixty minutes of joy. Why does one lose one’s joy for petty things? The answer is one has given importance to unimportant things. Joy is the most beneficial energy, but one loses it for one’s point of view. One’s point of view seems more prominent than joy. Has something gone wrong with the way one looks at life?

One gives up one’s life for winning one’s point of view, getting a status in life, money or position. One has to learn to drop this foolishness.

Anger is an expression of foolishness. Famous fable of two lions fighting each other to see who gets to drink the water first is the best example for this. Two lions, to drink water and quench their thirst, went near a water body. There was sufficient water for both. Still they started fighting and arguing who should drink first. In the process, they made themselves immensely thirsty, but they did not bother because for them winning was necessary and quenching of thirst was not. When their emotions went wilder, they started physically attacking each other. Blood started oozing from their body but still, they continued. Suddenly, they noticed vultures hovering around and waiting for the weaker lion to die so that they could have their food. The lions, realizing their foolishness, abandoned their fight and left. The thought that they would be devoured by the vultures ended their fight. Anger is the sure way for self-destruction.

Every living thing is a force, energy. Anger and sorrow are also a force, energy. Sorrow creates its own material, and that is imagination. When one is angry, one imagines a subjective world and justifies why one is angry. It creates an illusory world. One is unconscious of one’s inner projections. One takes the imagination to be real. One identifies with this imagination and thus creates psychological prison. To be alert of how one’s mind imagines, projects and creates a psychological prison is a part of being inwardly awake.

If one is alert, then one will transform the anger energy into compassion and also the object of anger into an object of compassion. Transforming this energy is being wise.

Why do we get angry with the “other”? If the “other” does not fit into our image of how the “other” should be, we get angry. So our struggle is to see that the “other” falls into our image, which we want. The world is not indebted to fit into our mental image. If questioned why we created an image, some may justify it as it is but natural to create an image. Stop justifying and start thinking wisely. We have an image of our wife, husband or boss. We want them to fit into our petty image. Why do we have an image? We feel secure if we have an image of the “other”. It is easy to operate and make others wrong. It requires considerable alertness, not to have an image and then look at the other. Then intelligence will flow and teach you how to deal with him/her rather than your conclusion to guide how to relate. When intelligence operates there is creative harmony but when conclusions operate there is inner deadness. Please realize this sooner than later so that your personal life, life in the corporate world, is better rather than bitter.


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