Prasanna Jyothi

 An Appeal 

It may be your experience to have seen forsaken orphans left stranded in your vicinity. You must have indeed shed a silent tear and perhaps given a bit of help to those who crave for your coverture. Though the charity in its way allays your feeling of sympathy, you might, if you have cared to ask yourselves, have wondered why these unfortunate ones must be left to drag out their existence as a deserted lot, always an object of pity and sometimes of derision. When you let your creativity emerge out with an intention to mitigate this deadly situation of silent emergency, you arrive at to conclude yes, these downtrodden deserve our attention for their upliftment.

Children of Prasanna Jyothi celebrating Ganesh Chaturti in the presence of Poojya Swamiji.

Prasanna Trust, Bangalore, under the inspiration and guidance of Swami Sukhabodhananda has been running an Orphanage named Prasanna Jyothi, with a bunch of sincere men and women at the helm of affairs. In its last two decades of operation, Prasanna Trust has established its presence through Transformative Education and Social Oriented Service.
This Orphanage envisages to bring forth excellence in all round growth of children viz., physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual; through which they are light to oneself and to others. Simply stated, efforts are under way to kindle the light of life in these children who hold the torch of progress in time to come, in a space of love, joy, freedom and responsibility.

Now, we come to you with a request to support us in all possible ways, to advance further in this direction. It is our commitment to make best of your benevolence in ousting human distress. Benediction Here are the various schemes to shower your benevolence. 

1. Annadana :

You have an occasion to share and celebrate with orphans by providing a feast for the children for a day.
Contribution: Rs.1500/-

 2. Jnanadana

You have a desire to educate a deprieved by providing education to a child for a year.
Contribution: Rs.6,000/-

 3. Child Sponsorship

You would want to adopt a child by providing for food, shelter, schooling, clothing.
Contribution: Rs.10,000/- part sponsorship.

 4. Jeevandana

A desire to feed the children in any one day of your choice in your life.
Contribution: Rs.8,000/-

 5. Donor

Your magnanimous contribution will keep the torch of service ever illuminating.
Contribution: Rs.15,000/- and above
Prasanna Jyothi Brochure - [ Download ]