3A - Arise, Awake and Accomplish

Designed by Pujya Swami Sukhabodhananda and conducted by trained Pracharaks, this is a holistic empowerment workshop that uses mantras to access and open higher resources within oneself. When silence descends in an individual, out of the simple process of chanting mantras, the intuitive power brings more clarity of thought, deep inner calmness and a harmonious mind free from stress and anxiety. The modailities of the workshop include an audio presentation of Pujya Swamiji unfolding each mantra and introjecting the mantra's value. 

The word mantra itself is Sanskrit, derived from 'Mananaat Traayate', meaning 'just by chanting (mananaat), we can protect ourselves (traayate)'.

When we chant a mantra, the vibrations created by the sound have an effect on our body and mind. Recitation also enhances healing. In fact, research shows that the phoenetics of Sanskrit have been known to awaken dormant parts of the brain and enhance flow of energy through the body. When we are physically and mentally healthy, there is harmony within our us that resonates in the very cells of our body. The vibrations of a mantra enable this healing and vibrational energy to flow through us. 








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