Total Quality Individual - One Day Workshop

Every entrepreneur is concerned with increased competition and falling standards in production andprofitability. Of various resources invested in the business by an entrepreneur, only Human Resources, has thepower to think; power to affect or motivate and get motivated.


To cater to the need for periodic preventive maintenance for Human Resource; to create Total Quality Individuals, who can enhance their individual effectiveness, thus contributing to the overall organisational effectiveness.

Content of the Program

Balancing and transforming of five dimensions in life namely physical, mental, emotional, auditory andspiritual, thus bringing about self empowerment.


The workshop would be highly interactive filled with fun & learning, Meditation & Pranayama with focuson change. Each session will be handled by well equipped student resource of Swamiji who have beenably conducting such workshops both in English & Regional languages.

Benefits to the individuals Personal

• Inner Clarity
• Redefining Success
• Calmness
• Self-audit systems

Work Place

• Competence in Team Building
• Inspiring the Team Mobility
• Converting Work into Play


• Human, Sensitive and not Sentimental
• Empathy
• Effective Communication
• Appreciative disposition
• Altruistic & Engaging


• Supportive
• Art of Mentoring
• Creating a Happy Relationship
• Sowing the Seeds of Togetherness

Benefits to the Corporate

• Contented employees contributing to increase productivity & profitability.

Infrastructure Requirement

• Hall with moveable chairs for participants
• Stereo system with collar mike and CD player
• LCD projector with

Participants per batch

• Maximum 30 persons
• Duration - 8 hours

Feel Happy

Your contribution towards these programs will be beneficial in several ways. They not only benefit the participants and the organization but also to take care of :

• Food, clothing, shelter and education of orphan girl children
• Providing Artificial Limbs & Calipers for people from impoverished background
• Education scholarships for economically weaker students
• Poor feeding and medical help for the needy
• Contributions to 'Prasanna Trust' are exempted under section 80(G) of IT Act 1961

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Takeaways from the Program

Vanlalhriati Sailo
  1. How to maintain good physical and mental health
  2. How to concentrate in work place and how to manage ones anger at any given situation
  3. The Importance of team work its usefulness and purpose during work at the work place
  4. To have an active listening and maintain a good eye contact
  5. How to adjust in every enviornment where we belong to ,in every situation
Jitty Mercy Thomas
  1. To reduce stress by breathing excersises
  2. Personality Developement
  3. Effective communication measures
  4. Managing time periods
  5. Controling of emotions
Laskhmi K
  1. How to develop the personality
  2. How to use the time in daily activites
  3. How to build up happiness & positiveness
  4. How to communicate with people in the society
  5. How to keep our body and mind strong and how to improve our knowledge & to use that for our growth
Manjula M
  1. Gain the knowledge about personality
  2. How to increase concentration through different forms of meditations
  3. Time management
  4. Communication
  5. Confidence
Premesh KB
  1. How to be calm & Understanding
  2. How to groom ourself & others
  3. Personality growth & achivement
  4. How to manage ourself
  5. Thinking positive & listen to others
Ashna Sebastian
  1. How to be physically healthy
  2. How to control emotions
  3. What are the 5 demensions of health & how they relate each other
  4. How to maintain a healthy relationship
  5. How to achieve success & satisfaction in life
Preethi Ponnachan
  1. To prevent mental instability
  2. Importance of expressing emotions
  3. Team work
  4. Steps to build relationship
  5. How to approach a person & help in a holistic manner
Vinodh N
  1. Mind is a reflection of thought/flow of thoughts
  2. Thought leads of feelings
  3. Physical health is much more important
  4. Understanding,communication,trust are important qualities to have for an individual
  5. Clarity of thought
  6. Happiness is within ouself
  7. Live in the present/Mind should be open
  8. Acceptence has to be there to control emotions
Sakthivel M
  1. Team building
  2. How to make body physically strength and fit
  3. How to make your mind calm and peace
  4. How to express the emotion
  5. Rather than studying these for principles practicing is important
Prakash G
  1. Express the emotion is an good manner
  2. The angry converting into the postive energy
  3. What exercise, yoga and deep breathing plays major role in human life. If we are continously doing it what benefit we will be getting
  4.  For keeping the mind stable what are the action plays should be taken
  5. What is the use of being a social person
  1. Understand the five aspects of personality
  2. Understand the effectiveness of exercise
  3. Understand the benefits of express of emotions
  4. Understand how to set goals
  5. Understand how teamwork helping
Vinodh N
  1. Mind is a reflection of thought/flow of thoughts
  2. Thought leads of feelings
  3. Physical health is much more important
  4. Understanding,communication,trust are important qualities to be social in life
  5. Clarity if there is target,everything possible
  6. Happiness is within ouself 
  7. Live on the present/Mind should be open
  8. Acceptence has to be there to control emotions
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