The Art of Wise Parenting

Children are the unrealized potential of the future. They carry with them, the best of what we hope the world will be.

Being a parent is a precious gift of unparalleled joy. For many, the day they become a parent is the happiest one of their lives. With such joy however, comes one of the most challenging responsibilities that any person can undertake. There is an enormous sense of duty to the new life that has come into the world, a duty which compels one to do all they can for the protection and wellbeing of their child.

Yet, life and education ill prepares one to fulfil this sacred duty of parenthood. Nurturing an environment that enables the child to realize its full potential is no easy task. It is riddled with pitfalls and doubt. How can anyone know if what they are doing is the right thing? What, in fact, is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’? Many more questions arise as the child grows from an infant into an adult, each of the stages bringing with them their own challenges. How does one adopt to these changes and demands?

The Art of Wise Parenting is an approach to parenthood rooted in the eternal knowledge of the Vedas. It reveals how we must let go of many societal conceptions, even our own egos, in order to be better parents.

‘I am telling you honestly, truth is bitter. A lot of parents do get upset, all because they are not following what I am saying. They would want their choice and their ‘I’ to dominate the life of their children... If a son gets married to a girl belonging to another community, he is banished from all family ties. They fail to understand that he has, after all, married a human being only, and not a buffalo or a cockroach; but banishing from the family is the result.’

- Swami Sukhabodhananda

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