Principles of Healing and Growth Management

The workshop helps you remove the clouds of pain and suffering that engulf you so that you can let the sunshine back into your life. It explores deeper dimensions of healing and growth, working at both a subconscious and a conscious level. Methodologies such as Yoga Nidra and hypnosis are employed to address habitual patterns, hurts and insecurities. Through this carefully designed program, participants look at multiple layers of their personality in order to overcome challenges. 


The process is drawn from the principles of inner growth propunded in Indian spiritual texts, particularly the Vedas. Healing requires a paradigm shift; the program works to remove hurt by enabling that shift. We, all of us, have a 'hurt' body and a 'bliss' body. Our 'hurt' body continues to get affected by the negatives that life throws our way, drawing from negative experiences to create more negativity. Our 'bliss' body, on the other hand, has the potential to draw in positivity and help us face life's challenges with grace. We should let our 'bliss' body bring in the changes we need to live in the moment, in the here and now. The mind is run by complex memory layers of the past which are records of experiences containing hurt, upset, disappointment etc. Such 'engrams' have to be edited and audited by spiritual disciplines.

Duplicating an experience is one way of doing so. Conscious duplication of an experience, under the Vedic model, is a powerful healing process. The conscious re-creation of the painful incident has the effect of dimming the power of the incident to control one’s reactions, thereby freeing oneself from the incident.


Internal ailing structures, patterns and problems continue to reoccur but instead of acting them out or by dramatizing them, one begins to experience them healingly and eventually to 'experience them out' is an inner healing art, which is being taught.

It is one thing to be the prisoner or captive of an ordinary automatic fear reaction pattern, it is quite another thing to watch fear arise from a context in which fear pattern transcends into a space of joy. The anatomy of an experience is explored in this workshop.


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