Mantra Yoga

A mantra is a phrase or prayer chanted continually in a meditative state. The Sanskrit mantras used in the program have powerful vibrations to help one manage stress, deal with anger, unlock bliss centres, heal through hurt and successfully maintain mind-body balance. Designed to give a holistic approach to life, Mantra Yoga is a unique workshop that provides practical day-to-day tools to handle one’s life wisely and peacefully. The 5-day program is open to adults 18 years and above, and will be conducted by Seminar Leaders.

Some of the mantras in the program address various challenges of life:
• We have a Mind, but who is the master of this Mind? Me or compulsive thoughts? The ‘Om Gum Ganapathaye Namaha’ mantra helps us to be the leader of this army of thought.
• Every thought is associated with a feeling. When these thoughts are negative, they bring about disruptive emotions and fears that often shape our personalities. The ‘Om Krishnaya Namaha’ mantra gears one to handle emotion.
• Each one of us wants auspicious things to happen in Life. The ‘Om Nama Shivaya’ mantra teaches us to unite with the higher forces to fulfil this wish.
• When we deal in this world, we find people are difficult. We have unspoken fear of death, public speaking and rejection. The ‘Mruthyunjaya’ mantra helps us to come out of it.
• Change, which is part and parcel of Life, creates so much turbulence and difficulty in us. The ‘Gayathri’ mantra helps us to deal with change by becoming at peace with change.


‘Mantras are sacred, potent words, which yield tremendous results in the physical, mental and spiritual levels when chanted with concentration and devotion. Chanting of mantras produces positive vibrations, [many] benefits to the one who chants as well as the one who listens. Each mantra was beautifully explained and equally compared with our daily routine...’

- K. Geetha Murali, participant, June 2013

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