Managing Life Creatively

We all live our lives in a dichotomy of two worlds: the world within that contains the true essence of ourselves, and the world without, where we work to establish ourselves in society, among our families, peers and friends.

Managing life successfully (and creatively) is the art of balancing these ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ worlds. Sadly, however, our measure of happiness and success in life often boils down to the size of our houses, the number of our cars, the ‘luxury’ of our lifestyles. The shackles of modernity, with its strong emphasis on material gain, is leading to discontentment and dissatisfaction. This unsettling feeling of unhappiness persists even when we have become ‘successful’ in our careers and accumulated material wealth.

Understanding the ‘inner’ self is therefore equally important, if not more so, in leading a fulfilling life. Our ‘inner’ journey looks at the ‘self’ as something more than just the body and the mind. It goes beyond the tangible, to the realization that the ‘self’ is a consciousness without form that is eternal and happy.

This 2-day workshop by Swami Sukhabodhananda, addresses the challenges of these ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ worlds by creating a balance in 5 zones of personal well-being:

• Intimate zone: fulfilling the deepest need in you through meditations
• Family zone: the art of respecting and celebrating difference in the space of empowerment, creating family esteem and purposes
• Work zone: the spiritual art of ‘getting what you like and liking what you get’.
• Financial zone: an overall view of how financial independence is one of the key factors of self expression and means to earn out of joy – not for joy.
• Spiritual zone: a unique blend of Vedanta, Yoga, Tao, Zen, Sufism, Buddhism and Jainism to discover a restful, blissful and divine individual
Strongly grounded in spiritual teachings, Swamiji’s approach also leverages modern methods and techniques for success in the ‘outer’ self also.

The ‘inner’ winner involves:
• The art of being blissful, restful and loving
• The process of healing psychological wounds
• Techniques of mind management, worry management and fear management
• Meditations to bring about healthy inner healing and enlightenment
The ‘outer’ winner is:
• The art of powerful goal setting
• Decision making and team building
• Divine principles of worldly achievement
• Interpersonal skills and effective communication
• How to deal with difficult people
• Possibility thinker

“The two-day life program was a refreshing and invigorating experience. It opened may dimensions for different people. Each individual had takeaway based on their needs. Swamiji’s skill of driving home the point through humour had us captivated for two whole days. His practical methods are easy to apply both in corporate as well as personal life. Nearly all the participants said they would recommend the course to others. The course got a rating of 95%."
                          - Shivadarshan D.S. Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. 


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