Management Through Mahabharatha

A great Indian epic of antiquity, the Mahabharatha is more than just tale, it provides valuable lessons that are still relevant for modern day living. This program culls out insights from the characters in the epic to shed light on management principles. Good management principles and leadership require patience, skill and understanding; they are a balance between knowledge in particular subject matters and the human psyche. The program teaches how to handle office politics, conflict, work stress, among many other management challenges. 

What sorts of lessons can we learn from the Mahabharatha? Here are a few examples of what we cover in the management program. 

  • tap new potential and opportunities: the Pandavas worked to garner more allies so that they could gain more support. Good networking and communication skills are important in any area of work. Learn to build mutually helpful relationships so that you can tap into unknown potential.
  • the Pandavas had different generals directing their operations: how to share your responsibilities during a big target is essential. Delegating responsibilities and managing the process will help your team achieve your goals.
  • take everyone into account: everyone contributed to the Pandavas' decision making process. Getting new ideas and inputs could help you win the next corporate war and get an edge over competition. It is important to let creativity flow, so that unique ideas can bring about the next big change in your company.
  • keep aside your personal agenda: you will need it to build a good team. The Pandavas worked as a team, leaving aside their personal wishes to achieve targets. 

It is often said, that the Mahabharatha covers the entire gamut of human relationships and characters. The program explores the nuances of these characters, as they are applicable to the management paradigm. 


The Core take–away from the workshop for the participants is,

  • Be Alert : Let not your patterns govern you
  • Be Sensitive: Your words can pierce and change destiny
  • Be Trained: When whales and tigers can be trained, why not the Mind


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