Handling Stress In Daily Life

Technologically the world has made quantum leaps in almost every field be it  Science. Medicine, Astronomy, Travel, Sports, Manufacturing and Automobiles etc ., The digital revolution has brought the whole world at our fingertips literally with advent of Mobile phones and Internet  etc.,

However, Consciousness of Humankind doesn’t seem to have grown much. In fact it is debated that it has actually deteriorated. Sarcastically someone commented—“Everything is going up in this world. only one thing is going down and  ie my opinion about you and yours about me”.

The present demands of life have filled our life with Stress, Anxiety, Fear, and Insecurity resulting in deep seated Depression so much that the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has predicted that               

The 2nd greatest killer by the year 2020 will be depression.

More often we are unaware of our own stress levels till they manifest in our behavioural and physical domains. it has become a characteristic disease and a major contributor to disturbances in our physical, mental, emotional and family lives affecting our creativity and personal effectiveness resulting in overall dissatisfaction of life.

The only way is to understand this phenomenon of stress, then  explore, adopt and practice meaningful and effective ways of handling it.

How to create a balanced individual , able to navigate thru the stressful life,  also enjoy and lead a blissful life is the essence of this talk of poojya swamiji