Corporate Hormony and Creativity at work

In today’s day and age, the need for creativity is greater than ever, whether at the workplace or in life. Creativity give us those ‘ah ha’ moments that have the potential to make or break companies and careers. Yet these ‘ah ha’ moments of clarity often occur at the most unexpected moments.

When Archimedes cried ‘Eureka’, for instance, it was because he realized one of the fundamentals principles of science when in a bath tub.

Creativity, therefore, is almost an innate, subconscious process, that seems to take place when the conscious mind is switched off. This can pose quite a challenge in the workplace, where tasks that require logical and analytical approaches can kill creativity.

Therefore, when creativity can make or break a company or even a career, how does one nurture and develop it in their lives, particularly in their workplace? The importance and significance of creativity becomes all the more apparent at the managerial level, where high-level decisions that shape policies and decide futures are made.

Our workshop on creativity is aimed at facilitating the process of creating, a skill that Swami Sukhabodhananda, the ‘Corporate Guru’, believes can be mastered. It is a 2-day residential workshop for senior-level executives to realise their potential and increase creativity and harmony, both within themselves and in their organizations.

There is increasing evidence that practising mindfulness can enhance creativity. When we observe our mind and its natural thought patterns, we open up avenues that can help us think ‘out of the box’.
The workshop aims to boost positive attitude, infuse creativity and enable a deep sense of rejoicing. It enables one to:
• Introduce tools for powerful thinking that can help participants to:
            - Deal with difficult people
            - Build a happy relationship
            - Achieve success at work
            - Discover causes that worry you
• Bring forth creativity, spontaneity and childlike playfulness in the work, family and social atmosphere
• Celebrate the here and now
• Put in place processes which help reveal patterns that are life nourishing rather than life perishing

The workshop uses the creative cycle of germination, assimilation and compilation to build creativity in an organization.

‘Swamiji is erudite, often lyrically so, when he talks about the so-called traditional concepts from Vedanta and Upanishads. He keeps emphasizing that his role in the programme is that of a facilitator, someone who asks questions to enhance awareness, rather than someone who offers solution or doctrine. In fact, he says, the program has been consciously designed to suite the widest spectrum of people, to keep metaphysical and semantic speculations to the minimum.’
                                                                                                                          - The Times of India

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