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Milpitas Event

5th August, 2017.
Oh! Life Relax Please

One of the statistics by world health organisations says the second greatest killer by the year 2020 will be depression. We are all running in life, just pause and ask why? Most of us have no answer. Realise how tensions and upsets seem to be ruling our psyche. Swamijis program Oh! Life Relax Please which was attended by more than 120 people at Veda Temple, Milpitas, California, focused on the core of this problem, it’s a relaxed mind which creates spaces for us to look into and understand the root cause for our problems.

6th Aug 2017.
Emotional Detox Enhancing Life

Major part of Humanity is concerned about physical health and detoxifying physically seems to be the priority. Swamiji said External Detoxification is just a tip of the iceberg, mental, emotional and spiritual toxic centre within us, which more often go unnoticed are the ones which help an individual to be living a life of fulfilment and over all growth.

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