An estimated 200 million people died in the 20th century as a result of bloodshed and violence. "It is important, that this century be a century of peace instead," said His Holiness the Dalai Lama, speaking at the 'Meeting of Diverse Spiritual Traditions in India'. Held on 20th September, at New Delhi, India, the meeting brought together members of various faiths in the subcontinent to initiate dialogue and address the conflicts we are all facing today. Continued and persistent violence in the world was one of the main reasons His Holiness wished to convene the meeting.

"Followers of all spiritual traditions try in their own ways to overcome the suffering that afflicts beings in the world and to bring about their happiness. However, it would be better if we worked together to fulfil such aspirations," he said.

Our esteemed Swami Sukhabodhananda was at the meeting, along with representatives from 9 different faiths. He participated in two panel discussions and held the audience in rapt attention. Many of Swamiji’s workshops deal with the conflicts we all face in life. Whether as individuals within the limitations of our own micro-worlds or as societies at large, governed by different interests and beliefs or even as humanity as a whole, we must all face the fact that conflict is inevitable. How we address and resolve this conflict is therefore essential to bring about and sustain peace in the world.

In his upcoming book 'Creating Presence, Manual for Wise Understanding & Sustenance through Bhagavad Gita', Swamiji speaks of conflict and the misery it can create within us. He says, "We all think that our misery is because of our bad health, children's behaviour, competition, corruption etc.

We do not realize that there is internal corruption too – psychological corruption. At every moment, our soliloquy corrupts us, our beliefs corrupt us. So do our dogmas, opinions, religious prejudices etc." If we are all conflicted as individuals, ensnared by our own dogmas, we can hardly come together to create a society that is peaceful and harmonious.

During the keynote speech at the conference, His Holiness the Dalai Lama spoke of this very conflict created by our dogmas and prejudices and how it is affecting our societies today. His Holiness said, "These days, we hear repeatedly about conflict in the name of religions. This is very sad. The idea that people are killing in the name of religion is unthinkable."

With regard to inter-religious conflict, India is in a unique position. "India is the only country where all the major religious traditions live together side by side and have done for more than 1000 years. This is an example from which the rest of the world can learn. And that is one of the reasons why I convened this conference," he added.

To create a tolerant, peaceful society, therefore, requires each individual in that society to break free of the shackles of their own minds. We must, all of us workindividuallyto shift paradigms. In his upcoming book, Swamiji says, "We need to alter our state of being and enhance our state of mind to change the way we look at our situations in life, whether it is a divorce, our job situation, etc. This is the quintessence of situations of life and our state of being. The reality is that in our lives, we do not work on our minds...Ignorance deludes our intellect, which results in the suffering of humanity."

Therefore let us all work within ourselves individually to free ourselves from the shackles of an ignorant mind so that we may collectively create a peaceful society and, in turn, a peaceful humanity.



We are thankful to many of the Prasannites who expressed their heartfelt wishes to Swamiji on 5th September, Teacher’s Day. Swamiji himself, wished them all by saying:

"Happy Teachers' Day; Learn, love, live and teach others and yourself...This is my message. Learn to give, learn to love, learn to live. Share this [with] as many people [as you can]. God bless [you all]. I thank all the seminar leaders and Chairmen, [who] help me touch the hearts of others."

Swamiji asked us to reflect on Prime Minister Modi’s message on Teacher’s Day. Swamiji added:

"Please love the work of spreading goodness. Love has no stress and only service. Learn to operate as a team."

We wish to share some of the wishes from Prasannites, on Teacher's Day.

"Swamiji, life changed after we came under your gracious influence. Now we keep learning from various people and situations and the beauty is we are feeling happier and happier. Thank you for being who you are. You have made a difference to many. One can never tell how far you have affected millions around the world, we are blessed."

- Dimple Bakshi, Baroda Chapter

"I always think about your teachings...that problems are inevitable and we need to develop the skill to deal with problems."

- Ram Iyengar

"If we are willing to learn, teachers are around us."

- Anonymous Prasannite




In September, we held a 2-hour session for youth in Andheri, Mumbai, organized by the Kotak Education Foundation at St. Catherine Home & School. The session was titled ' ChaloDoston...ApnaAtmasammanBadhayen!', meaning, ' Come on Freinds...Let us Uplift our Self Esteem'. Conducted by our Seminar Leader SangeetaHegde, the session was a resounding success. We received the following feedback from SuchetaRege, Manager – Corporate Networking, KotakUnnati, Kotak Education Foundation.

"I have no words to express my feelings. You kept all of us spellbound! You took all of us through a great spiritual journey. Our aspirants literally experienced the process of a bud blooming into a fragrant flower. This experience was altogether new for all of us. The students thoroughly cherished this experience. All of them wanted to share their feelings, their understanding. Your simple language and illustrations appealed to them quite deeply and they all could connect to you instantly. We all feel this that this impact on their minds will remain forever! Thank you very much for going the extra mile and supporting this divine cause."


We also conducted 20 programs of Vision 2020 across Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu as well as Udupi and Chikmagalur Districts of Karnataka. Held by Seminar Leaders J.V. Joshi and Gururaj, the programs addressed the challenges of youth through humorous examples of real life situations. Students are engaged through story-telling and interactive sessions to deal with many of the challenges they may be facing.


Satsangs took place across the country, in many of the cities and chapters.

  • Bangalore Cantonement Chapter
  • Basavangudi Chapter
  • Secunderbad Chapter
  • Baroda Chapters
  • Bangalore Koramangala Chapter
  • Hyderabad Koti Chapter
  • Hyderbad Nallakunta Chapter
  • Prasanna Chetana Nagawara
  • Coimbatore Chapter



The 'Oh Mind Relax Please!' program was organized by our Mumbai chapters. There were over 130 enrolments for the program. A wonderful effort by our Mumbai members!

"Swamiji, thanks for being a guiding be connected with you and everyone during [the] program is an amazing tonic that kept us high."

- Ram Iyengar

Mumbai Springs

Healing through Mantra Yoga

When chanted with concentration and devotion, the potent words of a mantra can take one closer to the reality and divinity within. Our Mumbai Chapter organized a mantra yoga session, conducted by Mr. G. Sreenivasan.

Healthy Minds

Our PT Ocean Pearls and PT Mumbai Springs chapters conducted two ‘Healthy Minds’ programs, one in English and another in Marathi.

Homage to our Ancestors

Organized at Uttam Mandir by the Mumbai Springs chapter, the purpose of this program was to offer gratitude for all our ancestors during PithruPaksha. The spirit of the event was that 'let all our ancestors accept our offering and bless each one of us with good health, wealth and success'.


Our Chennai Chapter conducted the ‘Wholistic Approach to Stress Management’ workshop. The session, conducted by Mr. Jitender V. Joshi dealt with how to handle stress in our every day lives. It was attended by 25 participants.


Awadh Chapter

'Mother's Day Out' was organized by our LucknowChapter to celebrate the amazing work of mothers and bring out their own inner child. We are happy to report it was attended by 42 mothers, and included a lot of fun and laughter.

This chapter also held a free astrology camp. It provided people with an 'opportunity to know everything about your stars!'.


Koti Chapter

Continuing with the theme of mothers, one of our Hyderbad chapters organized an event at the Mothers Nest Old Age Woman's Care Centre. A free medical check up was given to women at the centre.

Nallakunta Chapter

We are very happy to announce that free life skills classes are being organized by this chapter for children from underprivileged backgrounds. They will be taught skills such as spoken English, spoken English, communications, mind management etc. through the dedicated efforts of Prasannites of the Chapter.

Upcoming Events
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Management thru Mahabharatha
29th - 30th Nov, 2014 - Hyderabad
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Residential Youth Camp for teenagers
22nd - 25th Dec, 2014 - Bangalore
Click here for online registration
Principles of healing & growth management
28th - 31st Dec, 2014 - Bangalore
Artificial Limbs & Callipers Distribution Camp – 2014

Swamiji's Article
"These Programs have great significance given the changing times in the current market scenario. The officers who have attended your programs have found tremendous value and have invariably rated these programs as "Excellent".
- Arun Balakrishnan, Director (HRD)

"Each and every participant is enthralled at the experience with unique inputs. Their feedback has been that the program more engrossing, interactive and interesting than expectations. Masterly and excellent facilitation enhanced our understanding of relaxation technique. The program is quite useful in day-to-day work and life."
- Y Manohar

"Our profound gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful facilitation. It was indeed a unique experience for all of us that has generated tremendous thought processes and churned the mind to look inwards for leading a joyous and peaceful life."
- Rear Admiral V Balachandran

"Your program was brain storming, thought provoking, quite interesting and enriched our knowledge on Leadership Management in a broad sense. Our appreciation to your for excellent presentation."
- A L Nageswara Rao

"The program develops personal effectiveness of our management staff through holistic approach by understanding self and others, teamwork, stress management. The learning has helped throughout the organization by developing better relationship and spirit."
- Nitish Acharya

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