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Questions of Existence:

The Existential Laboratory

Who we are, why we are and what purpose there is to life, are all existential questions we ask ourselves at some point or other. However in our everyday cares and concerns, these larger mysteries get pushed to the background. And more often than not, life becomes an outward journey of establishing good careers, working to build a home, ensuring financial stability and success. In this pursuit of happiness, our inner journey is neglected, with the result that even our sense of identity is defined by how others view us.

It often takes a paradigm-shifting event such as the death of a loved one, to lead us on a journey of self discovery. This 'inner world' is just as important, if not more so, to a holistic, healthy life. In fact, it is within the realms of this inner world that we can ever hope to realize true happiness.

The Existential Laboratory (E-Lab), in essence, facilitates this journey into the self. It is designed to enable a re-discovery of one's true and natural state through carefully structured programs that engage the mind, body and soul. It enables one to re-discover the inner child, which we have forgotten in our adulthood. Conducted across India, it took place this November, in the tranquil and peaceful settings at Sangamner.

We are happy to say that close to 115 participants took part in this 4-day program, organized by Sri Rajesh Malpani of Malpani Pariwar Trust.

Management through Mahabharata

An epic tale of antiquity, the Mahabharata has been a source of inspiration across centuries. It is more than just a tale, however; within it lies one of the greatest studies of the human consciousness. From the roots of greed and its consequences to the achievement of success against all odds, the Mahabharata provides invaluable lessons from each of the principal characters. These lessons are applicable in today's age, more than ever before.

The 'Management through Mahabharata' program applies the lessons of the Mahabharata to the management paradigm. This November 8th and 9th saw 135 participants, led by Smt. Srikala and supported 8 chapter chairpersons, take part in the program conducted by Swamiji at Nirguna Bangalore, Bangalore. A second program, led by 6 chapter chairpersons, was conducted on 29th and 30th November, at Hotel Green Park and led by Sri P.V.R. K. Prasad. Close 109 participants took part in this program.


Our Chapters:

Bellary and Coimbatore

At Bellary, close to 1100 students took part in the Vision 2020 program conducted by Sri Jithendra Joshi in the 3rd week of November. On the 17th of November, Joshi ji also conducted a Stress Management program for the Bannari Amman Institute at Coimbatore.

At Chikmangalur, close to 445 children benefitted from 3 programs in 3 schools. They were conducted by Sri K. Gururaj.


The chapters of Hyderabad, led by Sri M P Subramaniam, Chairperson of Nallakunta Chapter, organized the annual Festival 'Personal Excellence through Bhagavad Gita'. It took place from the 14th to the 16th of November. A satsang was also held on the 16th, in the presence of Swamiji.

On the 15th of November, the Hyderbad chapters also organized a free Artificial Limb Camp, for participants to receive artificial limbs.

The 'Healthy Mind Program' was organized on 22nd November by the Koti Chapter, at Hyderabad.

Around 350 students from Kennedy School, Secunderabad, took part in the program, which was led by Sri Satish Kumar. Another program was held on 26th November for 200 students, conducted by Seminar Leader, Dr. Muralidhar.


Several initiatives were organized at the Avadh Chapter, through the efforts of Dr. Chandra. Close to 70 pregnant ladies received a talk on the 3rd of November. The talk focused on the Vedic vision for pregnant women, highlighting values which women should espouse during pregnancy for the benefit of their child. She also organized an Eye Donation Awareness camp, where 40 people pledged to donate their eyes.

Spearheaded by Dr. Chandra, Healthy Minds programs were conducted for nearly 970 students at the following schools: Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army Public School, Bareilly, Gen. B.C. Jain School, Pithorgarh and Central School, Bareilly.


Madurai Chapter under the leadership of Ms. Bina Anand organized the first talks on 'Personal excellence through Bhagavad Gita' on the 22nd and 23rd November 2014. Swamiji delivered his message to a packed and overflowing audience, necessitating speakers to be placed for those outside the auditorium.


Healthy Mind program was conducted by Sri Sriram Athri for 500 students from Sion School on 22nd November 2014. The Ocean Pearls chapter at Mumbai also organized Satsangs at various places from the 29th of November to the 1st of December.

The Mumbai Springs Chapter lead by Ms. Prasanna Lakshmi organized a Healthy Mind program for the students of St. Mary School, KoparKarnae. More than 200 students benefitted from the program which was conducted by Sri Sriram Athri on the 28th of the month. Another such program was conducted at Lajpatrai College in Mahalakshmi on 29th November.

Our Thane West Chapter, led by Sri Ramakrishna Iyengar, organized free distribution of clothes & toys to children of construction workers on the 29th of November 2014. Mrs. Geeta Desai, has found a novel way to reach out to the economically disadvantaged members of slums around Mumbai; she is taking Satsangs each day, in vernacular for their benefit. A senior citizen over 60, she shows great dedication and passion in her work.

Upcoming Events

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Youth Program(Non Residential)for teenagers
26th, 27th & 28th Dec, 2014 - Hyderabad
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Principles of healing & growth management
28th - 31st Dec, 2014 - Bangalore


Satsangs are essentially regular meetings held by chapters, where members can get together, connect and organize various activities. We invite you all to join in these meetings, and become a member of a chapter closest to you. In November, Satsangs took place in the following chapters:

Pune Karvenagar Chapter
Koramangala Chapter, Nirguna Mandir, Bangalore
Chennai Chapter
Avadh Chapter, Lucknow

Sangamner - 1st to 4th Nov, 2014

Swamiji's Article


"These Programs have great significance given the changing times in the current market scenario. The officers who have attended your programs have found tremendous value and have invariably rated these programs as "Excellent".
- Arun Balakrishnan, Director (HRD)

"Each and every participant is enthralled at the experience with unique inputs. Their feedback has been that the program more engrossing, interactive and interesting than expectations. Masterly and excellent facilitation enhanced our understanding of relaxation technique. The program is quite useful in day-to-day work and life."
- Y Manohar

"Our profound gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful facilitation. It was indeed a unique experience for all of us that has generated tremendous thought processes and churned the mind to look inwards for leading a joyous and peaceful life."
- Rear Admiral V Balachandran

"Your program was brain storming, thought provoking, quite interesting and enriched our knowledge on Leadership Management in a broad sense. Our appreciation to your for excellent presentation."
- A L Nageswara Rao

"The program develops personal effectiveness of our management staff through holistic approach by understanding self and others, teamwork, stress management. The learning has helped throughout the organization by developing better relationship and spirit."
- Nitish Acharya

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