May - June 2016 Vol 22.

Month of June provided another opportunity for the Prasannites to experience nature during E Lab. If one is attentive to life, to the animals, birds or in other words to nature, one is living a meditative living. The nature is the creation of the lord. Being attentive to the happenings in nature and seeing it wisely and sensitively fills you with peace and calmness. This leads to inner stillness and from that inner stillness there is intuitive learning and fullness of action. Such an action born out of fullness is "not wanting" but it is giving the fragrance of fullness and completeness.


Chapter News :


ELab at Bangalore from the 2nd to 5th June 2016 was a super program with 90 participants from all over the country and abroad.

On 16 & 17 June 2016, Sri Jitender V Joshi conducted the Youth Camp @ PMI- NTPC Noida organised by Sri B.K. Mishra.

Sri Jitender V Joshi conducted the Mantra Yoga program at Eldeco Amantran, Noida which was organised by Sri B.K. Mishra on 18 & 19 June 2016.

Koramangala chapter led by Ms. Sulochana Agarwal, had their monthly satsang at Nirguna mandir on 25.06.16 conducted by Sri Jitender V Joshi


Sri Sriram Athri & Sri Sreenivasan conducted the Mantra Yoga Program on 3,4 & 6 June 16 with 46 participants reaping the benefit from the powerful program.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted the satsang at the Police ground building 24B & 24C on 06.06.16

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang in Gujarathi on 07.06.16 where 30 persons participated. She conducted one more satsang at Police ground building no. 22 B.

On 08.06.16 Sri Sriram Athri gave a 2 hour talk on “ Way Forward ” for the employees of CARE office Mumbai.

Ms. Geetha Desai has done it again. She conducted 2 satsangs on 10.06.16 at Police Ground building No. 22 B and Kamraj Laluprasad Chal.

Ms. Geetha Desai took the members of Maharashtra Colony to Mahalakshmi Temple and Babulnath Mandir on 11.06.16.

She has done it again. Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Police Ground on 12.06.16.

On 13.06.16, Ms. Geetha Desai conducted two satsangs at Sai Mandir and Police Ground Building No. 22 B

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Maharastra colony on 14.06.16.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Nalanda attended by 10 persons on 18.06.16.

On 19.06.16 Ms. Geetha Desai conducted two satsangs, one at Police Ground attended by 26 persons and the other one at Netaji Nagar attended by 11 persons.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Sai Mandir participated by 22 persons.

Ms. Asmitha Ghokale organised a Yoga Session on 21.06.16 being the International Yoga Day.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at  Ram Mandir participated by 7 persons on 21.06.16

Again on 22.06.16, Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Ramabai Vegetable Market with 5 persons participating.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at the Police Ground attended by 12 persons.


Lucknow Chapter led by Dr. Chandra organised Annadana, being Bada Mangal on 07.06.16 from 11am to 2.15 pm in which more than 1000 people had the prasadam.

On 12.06.16, Dr.Chandra and Team from Lucknow chapter visited the orphanage, supported by Prasanna Trust, to give the monthly ration and school fees. The children felt very happy.

Dr. Chandra conducted the monthly Satsang and Poornima Meditation on 20th June 16, which was attended by 32 rejoicers.

As UN has declared 21.06.2016 as the International Yoga Day, Dr. Chandra conducted a Yoga Session where 35 people participated in spite of heavy rains. Kudos to her and the Team.


Ms. Shakila from our USA Chapter shared with her colleagues about Swamiji’s programs, conducted Yoga Class and also distributed books authored by Swamiji on 10.06.16

Our USA chapter led by Ms. Shakila, conducted their monthly satsang on 18.06.16 at Cupertino attended by 8 persons.


On 20.06.16, Ms. Moula Begum organised a satsang at her House conducted by Dr. Muralidhar.

Dr. Muralidhar conducted Healthy Minds program for 9 & 10 class students at Nirmala High School, Khairatabad, Hyderabad on 20.06.16. About 60 students & teachers participated. Mr Chauhan & Ms Moula supported.

Dr.  Muralidhar gave a Talk on Yoga on the occasion of International yoga day at Sai Baba Temple, Hashmathpet.

On June 19, Nallakunta Chapter organised their monthly visit to KGNMT led by Ms. Lakshmi, our Social Services Coordinator and handed over uniforms, donated some amount and also served food to the inmates.

Mr. D. Satish Kumar of Koti Chapter conducted a session of Healthy Minds on 23.06.16 at the Govt Girls School, Bolarum for about 120 students.


Ms. Anuradha conducted two sessions of Healthy Mind program in two schools for about 210 children on 18.06.2016. The programs were coordinated by Ms. Pavithra.



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