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Spirituality is being awake inwardly. If the content of consciousness is low, life is low and if the content of consciousness is high life is high. Spiritual health involves being alert to the content of consciousness. The Art of wisely relating is the context of spiritual life. This can happen only with repeated reflections on the teachings of Guru. On the eve of Gurupurnima it should be our endeavour to contemplate on our level of consciousness and also the state of our being. This can happen only with the blessings of the the Guru.

28.06.16 Swamiji addressing the Top Officials of IOC Ltd on the Topic Health & Wellness during the Health & Safety & Environment Conclave at Kolkata

Guru Poornima was celebrated by all the chapters on 19.07.2016 by organising a Charity activity and Celebrating Guru Poornima.

Ms. Niveditha R, our child at PrasannaJyothi has made us proud with her academic brilliance. Congrats to all who made her achieve this distinction.

Our Koramangala chapter led by Ms. Sulochana Agarwal conducted their monthly satsang on 23.07.16.


With a heavy heart we would like to bring it to your attention, due to heavy rains on the 28th & 29 July, water has entered our Prasanna Jyothi and the children were put to a lot of hardship. The ever loving Ms.Ratna, Ms.Sundari and Mr.Jitender V Joshi, with their yeomen service shifted the children to Ms. Ratna and Mr.Jitender V Joshi’s house and relocated them at a different place. Hats off to their commitment.

On 01.07.16 Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Mumbai in Gujarathi.

Ms. Geetha Desai from Our Mumbai Chapter conducted a satsang 05.07.16.

Sri Sriram Athri from our Mumbai chapter conducted a program for the Management Trainees of Apeejay Institute of Hospitality at CBD Belapur on 13.07.16. The Principal Mr.Bhuvan along with some faculty members attended the session in addition to 35 students

Ms. Geetha Desai from Mumbai chapter conducted a Satsang for the teachers of Rashtriya Kanya Shala on 06.07.16

Ms. Geetha Desai from Mumbai chapter conducted a Satsang at Kankoroli near Nathdwara on 06.07.16.

Sri Sriram Athri, Ms. Asmitha Gokhale and Sri Sreenivasan from our Mumbai chapter conducted Mantra Yoga from 16 to 18 July 2016.

On 17.07.16 Geeta Desai took the ladies from Nathdwara for a picnic.

Sri Sriram Athri conducted Healthy Minds program at Vashi English School participated by 85 students on 22.07.16.

On 24.07.16 Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Netaji Nagar with 14 participants.

29.07.16 Sri Sriram Athri conducted two sessions for the employees of SBI Capital Markets, Mumbai with the support of Mr. Mohan Iyer.


Chapter News :


Ms. Ch. Anuradha from our Chennai Chapter conducted a Healthy Mind program for 163 students on 02.07.2016 and the children were very interactive. Ms. Pavithra coordinated the program.

On the occasion of Guru Poorinima, Ms.Sucharitha from our Chennai Chapter offered annadana to 43 inmates of Akshaya Old age Home for the full day.


Dr. Chandra, the Chairperson of our Lucknow Avadh chapter visited the orphanage "Gangotri Shishu Griha" on 03.07.16 to hand over monthly Ration, fruits and School fees. This orphanage is being supported by Prasanna Trust.

On 19.07.16, Dr. Chandra led the Lucknow chapter and visited Astha Hospital for Elderly, deserted by the children, distributed clothes and performed annadana. They also visited the Gangotri Sishu Griha Orphanage and offered annadana. The orphanage is supported by Prasanna Trust.

Dr. Chandra from our Lucknow chapter conducted a satsang on 19.07.16 with more than 20 participants.

Dr. Chandra, chairperson from our Lucknow chapter conducted the powerful Mantra Yoga on 29 & 30 July for 40 participants at cantonment, Lucknow.


Dr. Chandra of our Lucknow chapter travelled all the way to Rajasthan at the invitation of Ms. Geetha Desai of our Mumbai Chapter and conducted various programs.

Dr. Chandra conducted a Healthy Mind program in Govt Senior Secondary School at Sameecha Village for over 100 boýs and girls of class 9th to 12th and 7 senior teachers and Principal. Very interactive and all enjoyed. Geetha Desai conducted 2 sessions one for 1 to 5 and another for 6th to 8th class.

Dr. Chandra & Ms. Geetha Desai conducted Healthy Minds program on 9th July for the 6th and 7th class children from Vivekananda Government Model School Sema Village.  More than 200 children participated.

On 9th July Dr. Chandra & Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a Satsang with only 12 people but very profound and interactive. They have requested for one more satsang.

On 11.07.2016 Dr. Chandra continuing their exploration in Rajasthan, conducted a Healthy Minds program for Rajakiya Senior Secondary School in Kummelgadh village. About 100 girls and boys attended. In the meantime Ms. Geetha Desai has taken 2 sessions of Healthy Minds in Kanya School at Sameecha for primary and middle school separately.

Dr. Chandra & Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Lalbaug on 09.07.16.

12.07.16 Chandra & Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Govind Pura.

Dr. Chandra visited Delwara Village about 20 km from Nathdwara and conducted 3 Healthy Mind program and one satsang, 1.Maharanapratap Secondary School Delwara with 170 students attending the program, 2.Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Delwara. Rajasthan attended by 120 students, 3. Govt Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Delwara, Rajasthan, where 100 students participated. Ms.Geetha Desai conducted 2 Satsangs on 14.07.16.

On 15th July,2016 Dr. Chandra conducted Healthy Mind program in Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Nathdwara for over 350 girls. The program was coordinated by Ms.Geetha Desai.

On 15.07.16, Dr. Chandra & Ms.Geetha Desai conducted Healthy Minds program at Rajakiya Vidya Peeth Modern School. Nathdwara with 175 children upto 8th class both of us took interactive session.

On 16.07.16 Ms.Geetha Desai conducted a Healthy Minds program at Darshan Public School, Nathdwara for 400 students.

Dr. Chandra conducted Healthy Mind program for 350 boys from Govardhan Senior Secondary School on 16.07.16. All teachers with principal sat through the session and expressed desire for more such sessions in future also.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang  at Bhandarivadi, Lalbaug, Nathdwara on 16.07.16.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted Healthy Minds program at Rajakiya Madhyamik School, Gunja attended by 200 students on 18.07.16


Ms. Dimple Bakshi, chairperson of our Baroda Chapter conducted the 1st session of Mantra Yoga for 100 workers of Galaxy Sivtek, Vaghodiya in Gujarati on 12.07.16.

Our Baroda chapter chairperson, Ms. Dimple Bakshi gave a talk a Spandan School for Special Children on 22.07.16.


Ms.Shakila, chairperson of our USA Chapter conducted the monthly satsang on 18.07.16.


The beautiful couple Ch. Venugopal & Annapurna, who has been organising Annadanam to the attendants at Niloufer Hospital every second Saturday of the month, has organised one on 16.07.16.

Sri M.P. Subramaniam, chairperson of our Nallakunta Chapter performed their monthly charity activity at KGNMT on 18.07.16. Performed annadana and chanted Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra.

On the occasion of Guru Poornima, Sri Ch. Venugopal & Ms. Annapurna offered special Annadanam to attendants of patients at Niloufer Children's Govt Hospital on 19.07.16.

Our Trustee Mr. PSN Murthy organised the monthly satsang at his residence on 24.07.16.



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