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The Prasanna Trust family ushered in the New Year across the country, with many Prasannites conducting various programs and reaching out to hundreds of people.

Swamiji conducted programs for All India Builders Association and Hindustan Petroleum in the month of January. Affectionately termed the 'Corporate Guru' Swamiji is well known for his ability to apply the ancient spiritual paradigms to the modern context.

How can we learn to be leaders in an increasingly competitive corporate world? Be detached. When you learn to place success and failure as mere polarities of each other, you transcend both. Such transcendence brings detachment: whether I succeed or fail, my duty I must do. Detachment brings with it objectivity, which is crucial when taking tough decisions in the corporate world. Detachment helps you see the bigger picture, uncolored by personal sentiment.

It is the Ego which claims all for itself. It creates an identity called 'I' veiling your true 'self'. This 'I' creates the illusion of an existence separate from the Supreme Being. And it claims all actions, both success and failure, for itself. That means it attaches a setback in the workplace to our very nature, taking away our self worth when we fail to finish a task or meet a deadline. Similarly, it attaches success to our nature, telling us we are worth something because we accomplished what we set out to do. So it tells us, we are worthless when we fail and wonderful if we succeed. Thus the Ego attracts unhappiness and colors our world views.

This 'I' is creates boundaries. It takes us away from the interconnectedness of all things. It fails to see the inherent strength and beauty within all beings and wants to ‘be the best’ at everything. While a competitive spirit is a good thing, ruthless competition can destroy a team. Great leaders unite resources and talent. They do not divide out of fear of being replaced in their jobs.

Poojya Swamiji

Poojya Swamiji delivered a talk for the All India Builders Association on the 9th of January 2016 at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad to a packed house. Needless to say, they gave a standing ovation to Swamiji.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Top Executives assembled in Pune to hear Poojya Swamiji on 14.01.16. They expressed their "wah" by standing ovation & thundering claps.


Chapter News :

Bangalore Chapter

Sri Gururaj conducted the Powerful Mantra Yoga program at Neelamangala and Holenarasipur in the month of January 2016.

Sri Gururaj conducted the one more Powerful Mantra Yoga program at Shantinagar on 28.01.16

Mumbai Chapters

Ms. Sangeetha Hegde conducted Secrets of Success workshop for 56 students from Kotak Unnati NGO at Virar on 29.12.15


Ms. Asmitha Gokhale concluded her Mantra Yoga program on 30.12.15 attended by 50 participants.

Healthy Minds program was conducted on 03.01.16 by Sri Sriram Athri for 100 girls students from Stree Mukthi Sanagatan. He also presented one book authored by Poojya Swamiji to all the students.


"SECRETS OF SUCCESS" Workshop for 48 Students & 4 Trainers on 05.01.16 for Kotak Education Foundation at Malad was conducted by Ms. Sangeetha Hegde.

Ms. Asmitha Gokhale conducted a Healthy Mind Program for 40 students from Kotak Mahindra Education Foundation, Chembur on 08.01.16.

Ms. Asmitha Gokhale conducted a Healthy Mind Program for 25 students from Kotak Mahindra Education Foundation, Mulund on 08.01.16.

Ms. Asmitha Gokhale travelled all the way to Jalna to conduct the Healthy Minds program for 1500 students & 20 Teachers organized by Rotary Club and another program in Jalna for 150 students on 23.01.16. Kudos to Ms. Asmitha Gokhale.

The ever young Ms. Geetha Desai debuted in conducting her maiden Healthy Minds Program for 60 students on 23.01.16.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted her second Healthy Mind program for 200 students from Govind School on 27.01.16.

She has done it again. Ms. Geetha Desai conducted one more Healthy Mind Program for Rajkiya Ucha Balika Madhyamik Vidyalaya with 300 students participating on 30.01.16

Ms. Asmitha Gokhale conducted the Healthy Minds Program for NMMC School, Vashi on 30.01.16 for 100 students.


Sri. M.P. Subramaniam & Ms. Subhashini conducted the Steps to Success & Satisfaction Program at Times of India Building on 9th & 10th January 16 attended by 15 participants.


Sri Ch. Venugopal & Ms. Ch. Annapurna conducted their monthly feeding the poor for the attendants at Nilofer Hospital on 31.01.16


Nallakunta Chapter led by Sri M.P. Subramaniam visited the Kasturba Home for Destitute Women on 30.01.16 and gave them a special meal and also extended educational scholarship to two. They also distributed clothes and blankets.



Chennai Chapter

Ms. Anuradha conducted the Healthy Minds Program for Maharshi Vidya Mandir on 23.01.16 with 300 students participating. The program was coordinated by Ms. Pavithra.




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