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A new season is an opportunity for new beginnings, new resolutions and renewed commitments to healthy living. And with the coming year, we, at Prasanna Trust, are more committed than ever to the effective transformation of individuals and society at large.

Such a transformation must begin first with a paradigm shift in how we view life. Life is not merely to be survived, but to be embraced wholeheartedly in the joy of the moment. Existence is in itself a miracle, a fluid flow of events that makes but one guarantee: change is the only constant. As Swamiji says, ‘Friends, beware that life is unpredictable. Life is a mystery and so live life with alertness and with a sense of balance. In the short span of our existence, we should serve humanity in whatever manner we can and at the same time maintain a proper balance between various responsibilities. Neglecting one for the other is not what is expected of a person who is on the path of transformation and enlightenment.’ Life is a balance between our inner and outer worlds, between work and play, family and profession. Maintaining this balance in the face of many trials and tribulations is the essence of healthy living.

The aim of that healthy living, and underpinning all our actions in it, should be the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, a diligent enquiry into the ‘self’ or ‘atma’. The ultimate result of such a pursuit is the realization that happiness is our very nature. The ultimate aim of life should be the realization of our true nature as blissful, contented and eternal beings. It is this realization that will ultimately free us from the bondage of our ego, our unhappiness and selfish desires.

For this coming New Year, we wish you, the members of our Prasanna family, all the very best on your journey of transformation. Embrace life, strive for balance between your inner and outer world, shape the actions of your healthy living towards the ultimate goal of enlightenment and take step after step towards its attainment. We thank you for being a part of the Prasanna parivar and ask you to help us spread the message of goodness to many more like you.

The Prasanna parivar started this New Year with festivities, celebrating the birthdays of Smt. Devkiji, Nandita, Niru and Tanu, all of whom share the same birth date. These celebrations took place in the presence of Poojya Swamiji on the 1st of January 2015.


Chapter News:

Our chapters provide a platform for active and enthusiastic members of the Prasanna community to spread our message and take forward initiatives at the grassroots level, within their own localities. The start of this year saw satsangs (meetings) taking place across India and in some parts of the US.

Education formed a major theme of many of our chapter initiatives. Primarily, this involved conducting the Vision 2020 and Healthy Minds program for people across various age groups. The thoughts we think shape our actions more than we realize or know. They determine the quality of our lives. The Healthy Minds program provides insights into how we can significantly improve the quality of our lives by changing our thought patterns. It is a different and equally important form of educating the mind.

It is a matter of pride and satisfaction that as a commitment of service on Swamiji's birthday, we have already crossed 31000 students as beneficiaries . All Seminar Leaders have added their efforts in making this possible. The blessings of Swamiji on this achievement.

The Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal, recently hosted an event on environment and forest protection. Invited by Mr. Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Environment and Forest, Swamiji was the key note speaker for the 2-day program. The participants including Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Chauhan, the D.G. of Forests as well as forest officials, were engaged by the spiritual dimension to protecting the environment and forest. The meet was also attended by Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Chauhan.

Bankers’ and FI Meet

Gyan Sangam, ‘a step towards a new banking paradigm’ is what the Finance Ministry called the 2-day bankers retreat. Swamiji gave a keynote address, 'Leadership and Change Management', on the second day of the retreat. His talk was aimed to put bankers in the perfect frame of mind to approach banking with a new paradigm. Concluding remarks of the meet were made by Prime Minister Modi. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and MOS Finance Jayant Sinha addressed the attending bankers and FI chairmen, calling for a plan to reform banks.

As appeared in Economic Times on 1st Jan 2015, ‘The Swami, founder chairman of Prasanna Trust will clearly be the star attraction at the finance ministry-organised retreat.’

Bangalore CHAPTER

This February 13th to 15th saw our Seminar Leaders and Chapter Chairpersons coming together to share knowledge and celebrate their accomplishments during the year. Youth empowerment formed a large focus of these accomplishments, with our efforts already reaching out to 31,000 youth through the Vision 2020 and Healthy Minds programs. We aim to double that by December, taking Swamiji’s message to 60,000 youth.

The event was marked by high energy levels, despite there being no meditation session, with Swamiji himself personally coaching the participants. The meet enabled Chapter Chairpersons and Seminar Leaders to interact and discuss organizational matters as well as teaching modules. Some of the insights of the discussions shed light on how to improve skill sets, particularly when communicating and connecting with a group during sessions. Chapter chairpersons were briefed about their accruals and proposals for the next financial year were made.

Our Mantra Yoga program uses the power of mantras and their repetition to generate positive vibrations within. Consistent chanting has a healing and enlightening effect on the mind. There are many ancient mantras, each one being effective for various purposes. Under the chairmanship of Ms. Renuka Reddy, the Bangalore chapter organized Mantra Yoga programs on 5th ,7th,9th , 10th and 11th on February. The program was conducted by Sri Gururaj.

The Bangalore chapter also conducted the following programs:

January 2015

  • 12 Vision 2020 was held in the month of January 2015 in Udupi District and has impacted 1704 children. The program was conducted by Mr. Jitender Joshi

  • 3 Vision 2020 was held in the month of January 2015 in Hassan District and has impacted 427 children. The program was conducted by Mr. Gururaj.

  • 2 Stress Management programs was conducted in the month of January 2015 at Manipal Health Enterprise Pvt Ltd. The program was conducted by Mr. Jitender Joshi.

  • 2 Stress Management programs was conducted in the month of January 2015 at Manipal Health Enterprise Pvt Ltd. The program was conducted by Mr.Gururj.
February 2015
  • 11 Vision 2020 was held in the month of February 2015 at Hassan District and has impacted 1649 children. The program was conducted by Mr.Jitender Joshi.

  • 4 Vision 2020 was held in the month of February 2015 in Udupi District and has impacted 475 children. The program was conducted by Mr.Gururaj.

Stress management workshop at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, by Sri Jitender Joshi

Hyderabad CHAPTER

An Invitation

We invite all of the Prasanna family for a special satsang of 60 days, starting from 25th of February to the 24th of April. We are holding this for the health of Swamiji.

We are happy to announce that the Hyderabad Chapters together have committed to organizing the following programs during the year 2015 – 16:

By Poojya SwamijiBy Seminar Leaders
PEBG English - 1No Healthy Minds - 15000 students Vision 2020 - 3000 students
MLC program - 1No Youth Program - 1No
MTM program - 1No Mantra Yoga Program- 20Nos
PEBG Telugu - 1No Steps to Success &Satisfaction - 10 Nos
VIP program - 1No AOWP - 1 No
Corporate program - 1No Corporate programs - 12 Nos
Satsangs 72 Nos
Cataract Operations - 2 camps covering 50 benificiaries
Limb camp - 2 camps covering 40 benificiaries
Annadanam 12 Nos

Close to 19 differently-abled people received support for their handicap. The Hyderabad chapters came together for the distribution of wheel chairs, crutches, hearing aids and tri-cycle. Free space for the initiative was made available thanks to the State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH), with tea and snacks being sponsored by Sri. K. Nagraj, Deputy General Manager of SBH. The initiative took place successfully under the leadership of Sri P.S.N. Murthy, Trustee.


The following Healthy minds programs were conducted by the Koti chapter:

  • for young doctors at Karkhana and Medicos at Rajahmundry (by Dr. Muralidhar)
  • for the Gujurati High School
  • for 100 students of Andhra Saraswati Balika Patashala,
  • for 240 students of Amaravathi Grammer School (by Dr. Muralidhar and Sri Satish Darga) conducted Healthy Minds program at for about 240 students.
  • For 125 students of the Govt. School, Bolarum (by Dr. Muralidhar)
  • For 180 students at Kids Kingdom Grammar School in Bibinagar (by Satish Darga, Chairperson & Seminar Leader)
  • For 80 students at the Govt. Junior College for Girls, West Marredpally (Dr. Muralidhar)

The Healthy Minds program conducted at Gujurathi High School by Dr. Muralidhar, Sri. Chauhan and Ms. Sankalpa.

Healthy Mind program conducted for Medicos in Rajahmundry

Students at the Govt. Junior College for Girls, West Marredpally, enjoy the Health Minds session being conducted by Dr. Muralidhar.

In February, the Koti chapter distributed 10 bicycles to meritorious students, 100 geometry boxes, exam pads and 3 boxes of sanitary napkins at the Govt. High School, Bolarum. They also conducted a counseling session for the children.

At the SES School in Kothakota, Sri. Satish Darga conducted the Healthy Minds program for 300 students while Dr. Muralidhar conducted the Vision 2020 program for 650 students.

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Satish Kumar, a health camp was organized in January at an old age home. Food and fruits were distributed to members of the home. Dr. Muralidhar and Mr. Chauhan participated in the event. Under the guidance of Dr. Muralidhar, the chapter then conducted another rmedical camp at Mother’s Nest, in February. It has been identified that 5 women need surgeries.


Initiatives of the chapter involved themes of education, team building and annadanam.

On Januray 29th, Sri M.P. Subramaniam and Ms. Subhashini conducted a half-day program on Team Building for government officers.

Healthy Minds program, St. Michaels High School Alwal. Close to 300 students in classes IX and X benefitted from the program. It was conducted by Sri M.P. Subramaniam and Ms. Subhashini. The organizing President and Rotarians attending the program, remarked it was particularly necessary for students during this time as they had exams coming up.

Healthy Minds program at Trishul Park school, Bolarum,Secbador. Organized by the Rotary Club, it reached out to 200 students and their teachers.

Nearly 340 students at the St. Particks’ Boys’ High School in Secunderabad participate in the Healthy Minds program. We welcome Ms. Moula Aleem, newly accredited Seminar Leader, to the program. She assisted Sri M.P. Subramaniam and Ms. Subhashini.

We provided food, annadanam, at the Kasturba Gandhi Home for Women. Providing rehabilitation for victims of atrocities, Kasturba is home to 152 people. The initiative was led by Sri M.P. Subramaniam.

Lucknow Awadh Chapter

A Healthy Mind program conducted in January at Mahila College in Hindi. Nearly 150 students and 10 Faculties participated in the program.

Dr. Chandra, Chairperson of our Lucknow chapter also conducted Healthy Mind program for Brightland Inter College. Close to 275 students participated in the program.

The chapter also organized a healing camp in January, with more than 68 members registering for it.

Dr. Chandra conducted Healthy Minds program for 105 boys & girls.


Personal Excellence through the Bhagavad Gita

Swamiji’s talk unfolded the essence in Chapter 12 of the Gita to a packed audience at Navi Mumbai. Vector Group under the able leadership of Umesh Rao organized the event in a highly professional way. The entire Vector group was behind making the event a success. The stage design, venue arrangement, and publicity in terms of paper advertisements, hoardings, handouts (fliers) and paper advertisements were very well organized.

Swamiji’s Gita speaks on the profound meaning of the Bhagavad Gita.

Health Initiative

A total of 100 patients from impoverished backgrounds received free cataract surgeries thanks to the efforts of our Mumbai chapters. We applaud them on their excellent effort.

The Mega Eye Camp and free cataract surgeries were organized under the leadership of Sri Sriram Athri in the presence of Poojya Swamiji.

We reached out to alcoholics and drug addicts at Badlapur through our Healthy Minds program. It is said that the greatest battles our fought in the human mind. Beating addiction is arguably one of the greatest. Recovery from addiction of any type is often a question of replacing negative, self-destructive habit patterns of the mind with positive and empowering thought processes.

Ms. Asmitha, Chairperson of Mumbai Ocean Pearls had conducted the Healthy Minds program for achoholics & drug addicts at Rama Foundation, Mumbai.

The Mumbai chapters were also actively involved in conducting Healthy Minds programs. Organized by Ms. Prasanna Lakshmi and facilitated by Mr. Sriram Athri, a Healthy Minds program was conducted in ICL School for 150 students. They reached out to another 250 students in Feburary at the Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkopar.


Meetings or satsangs are organized regularly by many of our chapters. Members of our Mumbai chapters organize satsangs every Monday at the police quarters.

Regular satsangs are also conducted for the economically disadvantaged by Mrs. Geeta Desai. This February, Swamiji himself addressed the attendees of these satsangs, giving his blessings to all. It was organized by Mrs. Geeta Desai, Mr. Ashok K., Anil Shetty and Dr. Pankaj Bhansali.

The satsangs organized by Ms. Geetha Desai & Ms. Asmitha are increasing in number every week.

Little Wonders program by Anil.

In February, Sri Sriram Athri conducted a Program, arranged by Geetaji and Anil Shetty for police trainees.


The Relationship Matrix is a program which explores the multiple relationships we must manage in our lives: the self, parents, spouse, work and society. Our Pune chapter organized the two-and-a-half-hour program through the support of Mr. Madhukar, Ms. Madhura, Ms. Sunita, Mr. Ramkumar and Mr. and Mrs. Ramji Rao. Attended by 80 people, a question and answer session provided new insights on relationships.


The New Year saw some of our American chapters holding satsangs in their localities. Two satsangs were held by the San Jose Chapter in the month of January, organized by Ms. Shakila, Chairperson of San Jose Chapter.

The satsangs were organized by Ms. Shakila, Chairperson of San Jose Chapter.


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