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Mind over Matter

The average mind is trying to fulfill unessential needs. Mahavira says that true discrimination is to see the distinction between what is essential and what is unessential. We lack a vision of what is truly useful.

You should be clear about the goal of your life. Are you standing for transformation or sheer ego gains? If our life stands for transformation, then when our cunning mind plays its tricks, donít participate with it. Distance yourself from such games by not involving yourself in them. Mentally say 'no' to these games and illusions and develop the joy of being honest.

Illusions are created by an impure mind. A pure mind is like a mirror - it reflects whatever is. However, a mind filled with expectations binds us. Decide not to live in an impure mind and your freedom is your nirvana.

Poojya Swamiji

Poojya Swamiji delivered a talk on "Mind over Matter" during the 10th Bombay Printers Association Conclave on 03.02.16. The spontaneous response from the audience speaks of

Poojya Swamiji spoke on "60 OUTSIDE AND 16 INSIDE" - Theme of Ruchi Group on its 60th Foundation Day at Indore on 03.02.2016.

Personal Excellence Through Bhagavad Gita at REVA University, Bangalore on 6th & 7th February was a festival for about 10000 audience, majority of them students. The students were in ecstasy listening to Poojya Swamiji.

Poojya Swamiji addressed the SWAMIJI 16.02.16 "SENIOR LEADERSHIP STRATEGY SESSION" IN INFOSYS at Bangalore on 16.02.2016. Clapping by the participants resonated the Hall.

Poojya Swamiji spoke on Management through Mahabaratha at Sindhi Chamber of Commerce, Bangalore on 21.02.2016 to a packed audience.

"THE MOMENT IS YOURS, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY" was the topic of series of talks gave by Poojya Swamiji organized by our Baroda Chapter on 22.02.2016

"QUALITY N INDIVIDUAL", theme of Poojya Swamiji's address during the 18th Annual Meeting of Quality Circle Forum of India, Baroda on 23.02.2016. The Maharaja of Baroda Shri Samajitsing Gaekwad was present amongst the audience.

Ms. Dimple & Sri Sumesh Bakshi expressing their gratitude to Poojya Swamiji for his Visit to Baroda. Poojya Swamiji had met Sri Dholakia, aged 102 and his wife aged 95. Poojya Swamiji visited the couple soon after he had taken sanyas. It was a Nostalgic Moment.

Poojya Swamiji addressed the Vice Chancellor, Faculties, Management & Law Students of Christ University during the 10th year celebration of their state of the art auditorium in Bangalore on 25.02.2016. Smt. Sudha Murthy also shared the dais with Poojya Swamiji. Incidentally the Auditorium was inaugurated by Poojya Swamiji and Smt. Sudha Murthy 10 years ago.

Poojya Swamiji gave a talk on "Personal excellence Through Bhagavad Gita" with a Social Cause to support the drought hit Maratwada Districts was organized by Vector Projects led by Sri Umesh Rao on 27th & 28th February.


Chapter News :


Sri PSN Murthy, Trustee organized the monthly satsang in his residence on 31.01.2016, which was well attended.

Smt. Kamal Nayani Chauhan organized a satsang at her residence on 18.02.16 conducted by Dr. Muralidhar Rao.

Sri PSN Murthy, Trustee organized a satsang on the occasion of Bhishma Ekadesi on 18.02.2016. Smt. Jyothi spoke on the significance of this auspicious day.

Nallakunta Chapter led by Sri M.P.Subramaniam organized their monthly satsang on 21.02.2016 where 11 satsangis participated

Sri. M.P. Subramaniam led the Nallakunta Chapter for the monthly charity activity to KGNM Trust and provided Special Dinner to the Inmates on 21.01.2016.

Nallakunta Chapter led by Sri M.P.Subramaniam and supported by Ms. Subhashini, organized the powerful Mantra Yoga Program in Times of India on 26th & 27th February 2016 which was attended by 16 participants.

Smt. Jyothi gave a talk on the significance of Vishnu Sahasra Nama on 21.02.2016 at SMILES old age home , Medchal. Around 50 Senior Citizens along with the Managing Trustee participated. The talk was well received and appreciated.


The ever agile and vibrant Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang at Sudershan Public School, Mumbai on 03.02.2016 for 400 students. This she followed it up with at least two satsangs every day. May god give her strength to continue like this.

Ms. Asmitha Gokhale conducted a competition on Surya Namaskar Asana & Pranayama for Childred

Our Trustee Sri. Sriram Athri conducted the Healthy Mind program in Nerul on 07.02.2016 for 150 students.

Sri. Sriram Athri, Our Trustee conducted another Healthy Mind program in Ulhasnagar on 07.02.2016 for a huge 1000 students.

Ms. Asmitha Gokhale conducted the Healthy Mind program for 20 students at Kotak Mahindra Group on 08.02.16.

On 10.02.2016, Ms. Asmitha Gokhale gave a introductory talk on Mantra Yoga at Mulund, which was attended by 150 persons.

Ms. Sangeetha Hegde conducted a 2 hour session on "KAMYABI KE SUTRA" for 56 vocation trainees and 5 trainers of Kotak Unnati Education Foundation at Andheri on 16.02.2016.


US Chapter led by Ms. Shakila organized the monthly satsang on 31.01.2016 with 11 members joining physically and 4 members joined through the Skype.

Ms. Shakila organised the February month's satsang on 29.02.2016, which was well attended and deliberated.


Dr. Chandra, from our Lucknow Avadh Chapter organized the monthly satsang on 31.01.2016 with 14 members joining.

Dr. Chandra conducted the Healthy Minds Program for 186 students from Pushkar Infotech College, Sitakhund, Sultanpur on 05.02.2016.

Dr. Chandra travelled all the way to Mumbai and conducted the Healthy Minds Program at Mulla Auditorium, NOFRA, Navy Nagar Colaba on 15.02.2016. 250 Naval Sailors and 30 Naval Officers and a few families attended.

Dr. Chandra & Ms. Geetha Desai travelled to Pune and conducted satsangs, ably supported by Sri Ramakrishna Iyengar on 17.02.2016

Dr. Chandra conducted Mantra Yoga session on 18th February for about 30 persons at "Stepping Stones Nursery School" HDFC Colony, Chinchward, Pune and was well received.

Dr. Chandra conducted a satsang at Naval Base, Chembur on 21.02.2016 with 18 participants.

Lucknow Avadh chapter organised the monthly satsang for february , 2016 on the 28th of the month and was a very profound specially with Swamijis message "Detoxifying Yourself"


Our Shantinagar Chapter led by Ms. Renuka Reddy organized the anniversary satsang on 10.02.2016, conducted by Sri Gururaj with 45 participants in the presence of Poojya Swamiji.

Sri Anil Nair, our Indira Nagar Chairperson conducted the Healthy Minds program at Algorithm Institute, Marathahalli on 14th February 2016 with 15 participants.

Sri Jitender V Joshi conducted the Mantra Yoga Program for 25 participants at Nirguna Mandir on 20th & 21st February 2016.

Our Basavangudi Chapter led by Ms. Shrikala organsied the monthly satsang on 27.02.2016.


Ms. Anuradha conducted the Healthy Mind program on 06.02.2016 for 30 Trainee Nurses in Chennai. The program was coordinated by Ms. Pavithra.

Ms. Anuradha once again conducted the Healthy Mind program on 18.02.2016. The program was attended by 26 trainee Nurses and 4 Teachers. This program was also coordinated by Ms. Pavithra


Ms. Punitha from our Coimbatore Chapter organized "VISION FOR EXCELLENCE IN LIFE" for students of Krishna Vidhya Mandir, Sidhapur on 13.02.2016. Sri Jitender V Joshi conducted the program for 100 students and 25 teachers.

Lioness & Lions club of Sidhapur sponsored a program "VISION FOR EXCELLENCE IN LIFE" conducted by Sri Jitender V Joshi on 16.02.16. The program was organized by Ms. Punita.


Sri Neelakantan conducted the Healthy Minds program at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi on 13.02.16 attended by Doctors, Hospital Counselors, and Patients Relatives. The program was well received.



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