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The ordinary paradigm one adopts in life is that when one is successful there is greed for more success and the need to beat the competitive world around us or be the number one in the field. This prevents you from rejoicing the success in totality. It is this greed that makes you to look at other as a threat or a competitor. On the other hand when there is failure one whips himself with self pity.

The best approach is always enjoying the success in totality and learning from failures. Thus one will be able to manage both success and failure well and meaningfully. When success and failure comes, see the surprise. See that many variables have contributed to it. Do not lose the quality of being surprised. In every moment bring the quality of surprise and embrace each moment with this energy. Then you will be able to celebrate success and failure.

Poojya Swamiji

"Accelerating Ahead in the competitive world" was the topic of Swamiji's address to Samsung R & D team in Bangalore. Mr. Dinesh Shah, MD greeted Swamiji on behalf of the team on 30.01.17

Mr. Shyamji Agarwal, one of Swamiji's students & donor since inception of Nirguna Mandir was recently felicitated in Bangalore for his yeomen service to many social organisations. Swamiji gave the opening address during the program.

10 & 11.02.17 Pujya Swamiji at his best during the Personal Excellence through Bhagavad Gita Talks ortganised by Reva University, Bangalore for Students, Teachers and Parents on one platform made possible by the Chancellor Mr. Shyama Raju.


Chapter News :


Primavera, the social service wing of Bosch, invited the Children of Prasanna Jyothi to perform during the celebration - Spark of Joy.

Benevolence of Sri N.K. Jaipuria & family continues for the poor shivering in winter chill. Second Free blanket distribution camp held at the slum dwellers of Jakkasandra. This is part of 400 free blankets offered by the family.

On 10.01.17 3rd camp of Blanket distribution at Subramanya Nagar, 4th camp on 11.01.17 at ST Bed Area and 5th camp at Vivek Nagar on 11.01.17.

Mr. Jitender V Joshi conducted a one day Art of Wise Parenting program on 22.01.17 at Nirguna Mandir.

30.01.17 Ms Renuka Reddy distributed blankets to the children in a govt School, Goripalya supported by Jaipuria family.


Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a Healthy Mind Program for 100 students from the commerce batch on 03.01.17.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang on 03.01.17 in Gujarathi attended by 21 persons.

Healthy Mind program was conducted by Ms. Geetha Desai on 04.01.17 for 80 students from the Science section.

Our Trustee Mr. Sriram Athri conducted Healthy Mind Program on 05.01.17 at Thakur College, Kandivilli for 350 students.

Ms. Asmitha Ghokale travelled to Jalna once again to conduct a Healthy Mind Program at Rainbow Edufest organised by Rotary Club of Jalna for 1000+ students on 08.01.17.

Ms. Geetha Desai conducted Healthy Mind Program at Panth Nagar Degree college on 23.01.17 for 80 students, on 24.01.17 for 85 students from Science section, on 25.01.17 for 80 students from Commerce Section and on 30.01.17 for 80 students again from Commerce section.

Ms. Geetha Desai from our Mumbai chapter has been conducting satsangs untiringly month after month. During this month she has conducted satsangs on 01.02.17 at Joshiyo Khi Mandir, on 09.02.17 at Jawad, Udaipur Zilla and on 10.02.17 at Imli Bazar.

She has also conducted Healthy Minds program on 02.02.17 at Rajasmand Technical College for 30 students & Computer college for 60 students, on 03.02.17 at Khardar High School for 400 students, at Khoimar Kanya Vidyalaya for 150 students and at Khoimar Boys High School for 350 students. On 04.02.17 she conducted Healthy Minds Program at Sakroda Rajakiya Ucha Vidhyalaya for 160 students & at Panthnagar Girls High School for 400 students.

On 06.02.17, conducted Healthy Minds Program at Thur High School, Udaipur for 300 students. On 07.02.17 conducted the Healthy Minds program at Panth Nagar Vidhya Niketan, 350 students, Modern High School for 300 students and Sanvad High School for 450 students, travelling 50 kms from Nathdwara.

Again on 13.02.17 Ms. Geetha Desai conducted Healthy Minds program at Dalvada Uch Madhyam Bhalika School for 250 students and Mahabalidani Pannadhay Mahila Shikhak Prashikshan Maha Vidhyalaya, Dalvad for 80 students. On 18.02.17 she conducted Healthy Minds program at Vidhya mandir for 150 commerce students. On 20.02.17 one more Healthy Mind program was conducted by Ms. Geetha Desai at Panthnagar Vidhya Mandir for 80 students.

Continuing her spree of programs, on 27.02.17 she conducted a Healthy Minds program at Vidhya Mandir High School for 85 students and on 28.02.17 at Panth Nagar Degree College, Panth Nagar for 80 students

Our Senior Seminar Leader & Trustee Sri Sriram Athri conducted a Healthy Minds Program at DY Patil Medical College on 09.02.17.

On 24.02.17, Sri Sriram Athri conducted Total Quality Individual (TQI) program at Mumbai which was attended by 30 participants.

Sri Sriram Athri was invited by the IDBI to address the participants at the IDBI Intech Annual Day Function on 25.02.17.

Sri Sriram Athri from Mumbai chapter conducted a Healthy Minds program for 150 students from VES College, Chembur on 25.02.17.

Sri Sriram Athri conducted a Teachers Empowerment program on 28.02.17 at Bhopal.


Mr. PVRK Prasad from Chikkadpally chapter conducted a Healthy Mind Program at an Orphanage in Bharathnagar on 08.01.17 organised by Ms. Sudha Vasanth.

On 07 & 08 01.17, Mr. M.P. Subramanaiam and Ms. Subhashini conducted Steps to Success & Satisfaction program for 18 participants

Nallakunta Chapter led by Mr. M.P. Subramanaiam conducted their monthly charity activity on 08.01.17 at KGNMT. Served food, distributed Chocolates and bought Jute bags made by the inmates.

The beautiful couple Ms. Annapurna & Ch Venugopal performed annadana on 21.01.17 at Niloufer Hospital for 150 patients & attendants.

Dr. G. S. Muralidhar conducted the monthly satsang on 22.01.17 in his Clinic.

Nallakunat chapter conducted the monthly satsang on 22.01.17.

Our Nallakunta Chapter Chairperson, Mr. M.P. Subramaniam delivered a one hour talk on Leadership for 210 class 10 students from 4 Govt. School as part of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards on 24.01.17.

On 26.01.17, Nallakunta chapter participated in Health & wellness camp conducted by the senior citizens welfare Forum.

27.01.17 Dr. G.S. Muralidhar Rao conducted a healthy Mind program for 70 students from Gitanjali School.

On 29.01.17, a Satsang was conducted at Hyderabad office along with the celebration AMMA's birthday.

Once again on 29.01.17, Ms. Ch Annapurna and Mr. Venugopal performed annadana at Niloufer Hospital for 150 patients & attendants.

On 09.02.17 Healthy Minds program was conducted by Dr. G.S. Muralidhar Rao at Govt Technical College, Secunderabad for 100 students supported by Sri Kiron.

Again on 15.02.17 Dr. Muralidhar Rao conducted one more program at Govt Technical College, Secunderabad for 120 students.

On 19.02.17, our Nallakunta Chapter led by Sri M.P. Subramaniam conducted their monthly charity activity at KGNMT Home for 150 members by providing Annadana, some donations etc.

Sri P.M.C. Kiron led the Gachibowli chapter in conducting the monthly satsang on 19.02.17 with 15 rejoicers attending.

The passionate couple Sri Ch. Venugopal & Ms. Annapurna performed the annadana to the attendants & patients at Niloufer Hospital on 26.02.17 which was sponsored by Sri PSN Murthy, our Trustee.


Our US chapter led by Ms. Shakila conducted the monthly satsang on 16.01.17 at Ms. Rajiniís house.

On 20.01.17 Ms. Shakila & Ms. Kamala conducted a Healthy Mind & Yoga program at Saratoga High School, San Jose, USA with 40 students participating.

On 05.02.17, our USA chapter led by Ms. Shakila conducted the monthly Satsang with 10 rejoicers participating.


Our Lucknow chapter led by Dr. Chandra visited Gangotri Sishu Griha, supported by Prasanna Trust on 07.01.17. Paid school fees, provided toiletries and provision for the month.

Poornima meditation with 26 participants was conducted by Dr. Chandra from Lucknow chapter on 12.01.17.

Dr. Chandra conducted the powerful Mantra Yoga program on 17 & 18.01.17 at Lucknow for more than 30 participants.

Lucknow chapter conducted the monthly satsang on 31.01.17 with 24 rejoicers participating.

Our Lucknow chapter conducted the monthly satsang on 01.02.17, which was led by the Chairperson Dr. Chandra with 24 participants

Dr. Chandra, Chairperson from our Lucknow Chapter was invited to Oman, Muscat. She conducted a Healthy Minds program on 03.02.17 for 100 participants.

On 04.02.17 Dr. Chandra conducted the powerful Mantra Yoga at Oman for 27 participants.

3S program was conducted by Chandra at Oman with 36 teachers participating on 05.02.17.

Travelling back from Oman, Dr. Chandra conducted a Healthy Minds Program on 14.02.17 for 100 students of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Trombay, Mumbai.

Dr. Chandra conducted the monthly satsang on 28.02.17 at Lucknow attended by 27 participants.


On 07 & 08.01.17, Mr. Sriram Athri conducted the Total Quality Individual ( TQI ) program at Baroda organised by Ms. Dimple Bakshi.

On 06.02.17 Healthy Minds program was condcucted by Ms. Dimple Bakshi at Quality Circle for 250 students and 50 teachers from village schools.



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