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A Happy New Year

As a new year begins, we are gearing up for another 12 months of dedication in spreading the message of peace and joyful living.

Since we began in the year 1982, we have come a long way towards our objective of 'effective transformation of an individual and society at large'. We have conducted thousands of programs and reached out to lakhs in the past three decades. We take this opportunity to thank all the members of Prasanna Trust's community and look forward to collectively advancing our noble objective for many more years to come.

'I see a light in the sky and fresh morning dew,
The newness of this year inspires me to wish you...
I wish you and your family a fabulous new year!'
- Swami Sukhabodhananda


Chapter News:


"If we tell them they will forget
If we teach them they will remember
But if we involve them, they will learn"

The best form of learning happens when we experience what we are being taught. Prasanna Trust's programs are designed with a view to involve participants during their duration. Such a type of understanding, which grows from active participation, makes our programs more effective.

This December, our Seminar Leaders from the Mumbai chapter, Ms. Sangeetha Hegde and Ms. Asmita Gokhale conducted 4 sessions for Kotak Mahindra Education Trust.

"Humbleness in your attitude, your voice modulation and your energy level right from the beginning to the end kept every one spellbound…" writes Ms. Sucheta Rege, Manager, Corporate Networking, Kotak Unnati, Kotak Education Foundation. "…you kept them all involved throughout your lectures. Your attempt in reaching out to them was really genuine. You could connect to them instantaneously. You asked them to write their feedback after your lecture. And every one reciprocated. I liked this idea. From their feedback we will able to [understand] the real impact of our teaching them the essential values of life.

We express our gratitude for sharing your valuable time with us. We request your support to our intervention in future also."

The programs were well received by all, with Ms. Sege saying, "We are indebted to you for bringing in the positive difference in the lives of so many of us."

Ms. Sangeetha Hegde also conducted a session on Healthy Minds at the Siddha Samadhi Yoga Institute, located in Bandra. Close to 45 participants benefitted from the program. Well pleased with the meeting, the institute has requested her to conduct these programs for their other groups.

Close to 320 participants benefitted from the program, which were held on the 8th, 9th, 13th and 17th of December.

Sessions were conducted in Chembur, Andheri, Mullund and Mumbai Central.

Lucknow - Avadh Chapter

Our LucknowAvadh Chapter, under the guidance of Dr. Chandra, Chairperson of the chapter, organized a meal for 25 underprivileged children, on the 9th of December.
The children were also provided with woolen caps.

Dr. Chandra travelled to Cochin to conduct a Healthy Mind Program for 260 students from the 9th to 11th Class of Kendriya Vidyalaya. Children thoroughly enjoyed the program.

On the 23rd of December, she conducted a program, the Art of Managing Stress, for 56 teachers from Kendriya Vidyalaya in Cochin Naval Base.

A Healthy Mind Program for Naval Officers and their families was organized at Coimbatore for about 255 participants. With Dr. Chandra conducting it, the program was well received. We commend her one her excellent efforts.


Hyderabad Chapters led by Sri. D. Satish Kumar organized a 3 day non-residential Youth Camp from 26th to 28thDecember with one day outdoor activity. There were 34 participants.


Hyderabad Koti Chapter, led by Satish Kumar, organized a session on TQI for Sahayadri Industries.

Conducted by Dr. Muralidhar, Seminar Leader, the program was well received by the company.

On 12th December, the Koti Chapter, under the leadership of Sri Satish Kumar organized a Healthy Mind program in Telugu for the Pratibha Vidyaniketan & Brilliant School in a semi-urban slum area.

The program which motivates children to develop a healthy mind was conducted by Dr. Muralidhar and assisted by Sri Chauhan.


3S – Steps to Success and Satisfaction

On the 8th of December, our Nallakunta chapter in Hyderabad organized the 3S - Steps to Success and Satisfaction program.

The program deals with how to be an 'outer' and 'inner' winner. It teaches participants on the mechanics of perception and gives them an understanding of effective people management.

The program uses pranayama, meditation and engaging exercises for effective involvement and participation.

Mantra Yoga Program

Designed to give a holistic approach to life, Mantra Yoga is a unique workshop that provides practical ways to handle one's life wisely and peacefully by tapping into the powerful vibrations created by mantras. Our Nallakunta Chapter conducted a Mantra Yoga Program for Sri Harsha Builders, an organization which had previously donated for the Gita Talks.

The Sanskrit mantras used in the program help one manage stress, deal with anger, unlock bliss centres, heal through hurt and successfully maintain mind-body balance.

There were about 35 participants, all of them Ayyappa Swamies (devotees of the Hindu deity Ayyappan). The program was very well received by them.

Sri M.P. Subramaniam and Ms. Subhashini conducted a half day session on Team Building for the employees of GENETECH on 23rd December. There were 18 participants.


Our Secunderabad Chapter Chairperson Sri Y. Venugopal, employed with Birla Sunlife Asset Management Co. was awarded the Six Sigma Certification. We congratulate him on his achievement.



Around 250 people benefitted from a free health check up camp that was conducted on 13th December at Dapoli. Led by Sri Madhukar and ably supported by Ms. Madhura of our Pune Karvenagar Chapter, it took place at Dapoli.

A second camp was held on 15 November 2014 and was attended by around 255 people. Close to 70 were identified for surgery, thanks to the camp; it is aimed that the surgeries be conducted at an affordable cost. The organizers also arranged food for around 150 people.

Vision 2020

Mr. Jitendra Joshi and K Gururaj conducted Vision 2020 workshops in December reaching out to over 1250 students.


Bangalore – Basavangudi Chapter

Basavangudi Chapter conducted the monthly satsangs on 23rd December, where Sri Jithendra Joshi gave a talk to the participants.

Chennai Chapter

Our Chennai Chapter under Dr. Dwarga'sleadership, conducted a Satsang on 12th November 2014 at our office in T Nagar.

Hyderabad Chapter

All the Chapters from Hyderabad came together to conduct one satsang every month. The first satsang was conducted on 7th December 2014. Sri Venugopal from Secunderabad Chapter was the moderator.

Mumbai Chapter

Mumbai Chapters organized a satsang in the presence of Poojya Swamiji on the 12thof December 2014. On the occasion, Ms.Geeta Desai was commended for conducting satsangs at various places across Mumbai.

  • Ms. Geetha Desai conducted a satsang in Police Quarters on the15th of November, where 30 participants took part. On 6th December, Ms. Desai also conducted a satsang at Police Ground Temple, Ghatkopar, where 15 to 20 participants pledged to support Prasanna Trust's activities.
  • Mumbai Chapter Seminar leader Ms. Sangeetha Hegde conducted a satsang at the Siddha Samadhi Yoga Institute.

Swamiji at the Mumbai satsang on the 12th of December.

Residential Youth Camp, Bangalore – 22nd to 25th of Dec 2014

A four-day residential camp for youth between the ages of 12 to 18 years, the program uses a mix of group dynamics, audio visuals, games and a one-day adventure camp to empower its participants. The essence of education is not what to think, but how to think and the workshop focused on this. It included, Sapthashuddhi the 7 areas of growth, powerful study skills to help youth face their exams dexterously and strong role models as examples for the youth to learn from and perhaps follow in their own lives.

Youth Program (Non Residential) 26th to 28th Dec – Hyderabad

A non-residential youth program also took part in Hyderabad.

Principles of Healing and Growth Management – 28th to 31st Dec 2014

Our program, the Principles of Healing and Growth Management, explores the deeper dimensions of thinking, feeling and being, working at both a subconscious and a conscious level. It uses healing methodologies such as Yoga Nidra and Hypnosis to address deep seated mindsets, patterns, hurts and insecurities. Through our carefully designed program, participants address deep layers of their personality. During the 28th and 31st of December 2014, 28 participants joined us in the program, which proved to be a successful end to the year.

Sangamner - 1st to 4th Nov, 2014

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