Letting go of Pain

In this issue, we wish to share one of Swamiji’s most valuable lessons on living a peaceful and happy life. One of the things that often prevent us from doing so is the hurt we have experienced in the past.

Painful memories often raise their ugly heads and depress us. How can we escape from them?

Letting go of hurt and truly healing can be challenging for many. The past entangle us, and prevents us from living in the present moment. Swamiji, in one of his most popular books, 'Oh Mind, Relax Please!' talks of why it is difficult for any of us to let the past go. And what we can do to really make that happen. He begins by sharing some stories from his classes.

Very often, during 'LIFE Program' participants would share their inner traumas. I would also encourage them to speak. I used to ask them, ‘What is the injury that remains buried as a wound in your heart for a long time?'

One person said, 'My friend and I got together and started a civil contract business. Since I was in government service, I ran the firm in my friend’s name. Very soon, the business prospered. In order to concentrate on the work, I even resigned from my government job. Sometime later, for the purpose of filing income tax returns, I asked my friend for the account books of the company. And he said, 'Look for the work that you are doing, take whatever pay you want. But don't come here asking about accounts and so on!

I had given him the responsibility of running the company, including signing powers, fully trusting him. Now I was helpless! This was the company I had started by investing all that I had, including the money got by selling the family jewels. I simply wiped the tears of frustration from my eyes and walked out. All those years of hard toil and sweat were snatched from me in [an instant]. This happened to me many years ago. Later, I began another construction company, which is now yielding good profits. Yet, the treachery of my friend still makes me feel choked and tears well up in my eyes!'

Similarly, many poured out their past agonies and scars. I did not wish to answer their queries directly. Instead, I [asked them to] give me the name of a very boring movie that [they] disliked. Each one mentioned one movie or the other.

[Then I said to them], 'Alright! Now go, fetch the movie from a video parlour and watch it all through the night, again and again!'

'Oh no! I cannot do that! I would die of boredom! Tell me something else that I can do!' they all pleaded.

'Well, the treachery of friends, the torture of mother-in-law...[these ] are also painful scenes that you dislike immensely! Why do you insist on playing them and replaying them over and over again on the mental screen? While you refuse to watch an imaginary film that you merely dislike and find boring, how can you replay those scenes that you loathe on your mental screen? Allow yourself to forget them...they would dry up and the scar would vanish by itself!" I said.

The reason why small children are happy is because they do not carry burdens from the past...they forget painful incidents very quickly, but they bring up joyful memories again and again and enjoy them. We too should learn to be like children. That would considerably lessen the burden that we carry in our hearts.

To put all this in a nutshell, the past must only tutor us, not torture us!

In such a space, a hidden intelligence will surface which will guide us in a mysterious way.

Most of us are particular that our point of view should win rather than [us] being happy. Being happy is not our first priority. We must consider that our happiness is more important than our beliefs. 'What is the problem as long as our happiness and contentment are obtained through just means?'

Once we cultivate this attitude, there will be no dearth of energy and enthusiasm in our lives!

Managing LIFE Creatively - Hyderabad

For the first time 7 chapters at Hyderabad joined together to conduct Managing LIFE Creatively with the support of Mr. PSN and Mr. Padmanabhan.
The Koti chapter under Mr. Satish Kumar Darga was the lead chapter

Managing LIFE Creatively - Bangalore

For the first time, all 9 chapters at Bangalore joined together to conduct Managing LIFE Creatively.
The Basavanagudi chapter under Mrs. Shrikala Sampath assumed the lead chapter role for this program and made it successful.



On the occasion of UN General Assembly recognizing 5th September as International Charity Day for Education and bringing out Public Awareness, my appeal to one and all……. philanthropist, industrialist and noble souls to contribute through Prasanna Trust heartfully for education.

The heart of education is the education of the heart. Let one expand one’s heart and contribute in the field of education so that the up-liftment can heartfully happen through education i.e. bring forth the best in an individual. Let us support the very soul of education to bring out the best.

Once again I request all of you to support this noble cause.

Founder Chairman
Prasanna Trust



Mumbai Springs Chapter

Our Mumbai Springs chapter recently conducted a Vision 2020 program on 14th August. The program was conducted by Shri Sriram Athri, our Trustee at SNDT college, Ghatkopar and Bharthiya Vidya Peeth, CBD, Belapur, Navi Mumbai.

Fellowship meeting

We applaud our chapters in their continual efforts to take forward the organization's work. This August, a fellowship meeting of the 12 Chapter Chairpersons of Mumbai was conducted in the presence of Poojya Swamiji at Vector House.

Healthy Mind Program

Conducted by Shri Shri Sriram Athri, the Healthy Mind program took place in Rotary Club of Ghatkopar Branch and Shanti Niketan Public School.

Baladarshana classes

The Mumbai Springs chapter celebrated Rakshabandhan by conducting Baladarshana classes for children of the residents of Neelkanth Gardens. The children were taught slokas and told stories from Swamiji’s books.


Lucknow Chapter

Blood donation

A team of 13 members, including 3 doctors, came together to conduct a blood donation camp at our Lucknow chapter. A total of 29 people donated, with the event starting from 10 a.m. in the morning and continued until 3 p.m.

Bangalore Chapter

Another 10 programs of Vision 2020 were conducted in different schools in Bellary and Chickmangalur district of Karnataka. About more than 1500 children were benefitted out of this initiative of Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund.

Mr. Jitender Joshi and Mr. Gururaj conducted these sessions to the total satisfaction of the students.

Chennai Chapter

Chennai Chapter under Dr. Dhwaraga’s leadership organised a revival satsang. This is particularly significant to enhance the Chapter presence and it had Lord Ganesha’s blessings on Vinayak Chaturdasi day.

Upcoming Events
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12th Oct, 2014 - Mumbai
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8th & 9th Nov, 2014 - Bangalore
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Management through Mahabharatha
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Swamiji's Article
"These Programs have great significance given the changing times in the current market scenario. The officers who have attended your programs have found tremendous value and have invariably rated these programs as "Excellent".
- Arun Balakrishnan, Director (HRD)

"Each and every participant is enthralled at the experience with unique inputs. Their feedback has been that the program more engrossing, interactive and interesting than expectations. Masterly and excellent facilitation enhanced our understanding of relaxation technique. The program is quite useful in day-to-day work and life."
- Y Manohar

"Our profound gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful facilitation. It was indeed a unique experience for all of us that has generated tremendous thought processes and churned the mind to look inwards for leading a joyous and peaceful life."
- Rear Admiral V Balachandran

"Your program was brain storming, thought provoking, quite interesting and enriched our knowledge on Leadership Management in a broad sense. Our appreciation to your for excellent presentation."
- A L Nageswara Rao

"The program develops personal effectiveness of our management staff through holistic approach by understanding self and others, teamwork, stress management. The learning has helped throughout the organization by developing better relationship and spirit."
- Nitish Acharya

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