March - April 2016 Vol 21.

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Poojya Swamiji

PSS addressed the Builders Association in Coimbatore on the topic "It's all about attitude"

On Swamiji's birthday, 25.04.16, he addressed Andhra Bank Top Executives "How do Top Leadership stay Motivated"


Chapter News :


11.04.16, Renuka Reddy of Shantinagar organized Mantra Yoga program conducted by Gururaj

Gururaj conducted the Healthy Minds program on 13.04.16 at Government college, Kunigal for 300 students.

Shrikala from Basavangudi chapter organized the monthly satsang on 23.04.16.


Clippings from Satsang by ever young and enthusiastic Mrs. Geeta Desai.

On 01.04.16, a Satsang at Rambai

On 02.04.16 a Satsang at Nalanda attended by 20 persons

A satsang on 06.04.16 at Nathdwara

Once again a Satsang on 08.04.16, 09.04.16, 10.04.16 and 11.04.16, 12.04.16 and 13.06.16.

Satsang on 14.04.16,15.04.16 and 19.04.16 at Mohangarh

On 20.04.16, Geetha Desai conducted the Healthy Mind Program for 300 students

On 27.04.16 Ramakrishna Iyengar from our Thane Chapter shared Swamiji’s teaching in his company


M.P. Subramaniam and Subhashini conducted Healthy Mind program for 33 students from Neeraj Public School on 02.04.16.

Ch. Venugopal & Ch. Annapurna have been doing the annadana to the attendants at Nilofer Hospital for the last 4 years. One such annadana was done on 02.04.16

From 4th to 9th April 16 M.P. Subramaniam & Subhashini conducted mantra yoga program at Secunderabad attended by 41 participants

As part of the monthly charity activity, on 16.04.16 Nallakunta Chapter led by M.P. Subramaniam visited KGNMT home for destitute women. Provided annadana for April, May and June. They also gave dresses to the inmates.

Nallakunta Chapter conducted the monthly santsang on 17.04.16

Hyderabad Prasannites were lucky to have Poojya Swamiji with them on his birthday. The members organized a Pooja at Filmnagar Temple for the Good Health of Poojya Swamiji.

On the occasion of Poojya Swamiji's birthday, Ch. Venugopal & Ch Annapurna served breakfast to the attendants at Nilofer Hospital on 25.04.16

Dr. Muralidhar conducted the Healthy Minds Program on 30.04.16 at Kalibari Temple for 15 participants. The program was organized by Nirmala Das Gupta.


Under the Charity Activity, on 09.04.16 Poojya Swamiji Inaugurated two toilets and a tube-well provided by Prasanna Trust as part of rural empowerment at Sonava village near Lucknow. Our Lucknow Chapter spearheaded by Dr. Chandra managed the activity.

Prasanna Trust is supporting an Orphanage in Lucknow. Swamiji visited and spent some time with the children who prayed and demonstrated their skill in singing, reciting poetry and dance on 10.04.16.

10.04.16 Our Lucknow chapter organized a 2 hour Relationship Matrix Program attended by 147 participants.

Dr. Chandra of our Lucknow Chapter conducted the Mantra Yoga program on 17th & 18th April 16 for 65 participants.

Lucknow chapter conducted the monthly satsang on 21.04.16.

On 21.04.16 Dr. Chandra and her team visited the Orphanage and handed over the essential items for the month.


Anuradha from Chennai Chapter conducted the Healthy Minds program at Guru Vidhyalaya on 16.04.16. 45 girls participated in the program


Our Overseas team led by Shakila conducted the monthly satsang on 18.04.16.

Shakila from our USA chapter conducted a Yoga class in her company for 14 people on 27.04.16.


Bina Anand & Thendral conducted the Mantra Yoga Program on 13.04.16.



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