Wordless Wisdom

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'Unhappiness is the result of one's ignorance in understanding life. It is a conflict between oneself and reality...a state where one has a concept and wants the external reality to fit into the concept. It is like one creating a map and wanting the territory to fit into the map. Create your life in such a way that it pays dividends. Choose to be happy. In spite of problems, learn to profit from them.

Most of us are living an unconscious life...we do not know the truth of what happiness and sorrow are. But still, we run after happiness and are afraid of sorrow. Without knowing happiness and sorrow, how can we be after happiness and afraid of sorrow? This unawareness creates inner ugliness. With unawareness we experience moments of confusion. Someone falls in love with you and you get confused. Understanding gives you the power of clarity in which you can see the beauty of external and internal reality. 

Some of the other concepts explored include:

  • Be a Wave of Strength
  • Loving Gentleness
  • Lightening the Busy Mind
  • Finding Joy in the Ordinary
  • Being Awake
  • River of Life
  • Pain to Power
  • Fear of Loss