The River Of Life

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God exists in the form and in the formless. By bowing down one's head one does not offer one's prayer, but by bowing down one's heart, one can offer one's prayer. Here is my attempt through this book to offer my prayer to both the forms of the Lord.

Unstructured learning happens when one's perception is based on intuition in which the persona of the person does not exist. Life is creativity; whereas people lead a life of 'non-creative inner environment'. The 'way of seeing' is a meditative process in which one intuitively comes in touch with the visible and invisible world.

When you took at a flower and feet the flower instead of stopping at the form of the flower, then that feeling conveys something special which is beyond the verbal structure. Such teaming is unstructured. In such teaming, one does not stop at the labels but tastes the wine of life. This book provides you this creative space.