Personal Excellence Through The Bhagavad Gita

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In many ways, the Bhagavad Gita is considered the essence of the Vedas. An ancient text of centuries past, it still holds many valuable lessons for modern day living. Swamiji expounds on these lessons, culling out simple truths for personal transformation. Life is a possibility, rather than a sheer ego game, explains Swamiji, and the Gita provides important lessons on how to make best use of this possibility. 


'Every moment, God is blessing us with an experience, every moment, there is an experience but we see only the periphery, we see the outer layer...Every moment in your marriage, in your divorce, in giving birth to your child, or a child even passing away, in every experience, if you see the outer layer only, it seems to be like a wild fruit [unappetizing and unappealing]; but if you go deep inside [the layers], there is a divine message which is given. This is the message I want to convey to you...'