Looking At Life Differently

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The lens through which we view our lives is largely the result of a complex mix of cultural values, early childhood conditioning and societal expectations (among others). All these contexts shape our thoughts and inform our views, often insulating us from the rich variety and beauty of the world in which we live. Breaking through these boundaries by looking at life differently can open us up to unfold joy and happiness.



  • Context shapes the experience
  • The divine key to spiritual awakening
  • Self observation the art of being wise
  • Float and not fight in the ocean of life.
  • We make our lives
  • Witness the inner flowering
  • Insulating oneself
  • 'Stuckness' Source of ultimate suffering
  • Enlightenment a quantum leap
  • Freedom the ultimate test
  • Adventure the inner growth
  • Ego The scripture of a devil
  • Meditation the art of opening one's being
  • Meditation the art of letting go sorrow