Karma Yoga

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Expanding on the 3rd chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, the book unfolds the concept of karma and the laws of action in the material world. What consequences do we face for our actions? And how do we deal with these consequences? Karma Yoga is the attainment and advancment in spiritual life through action. Swamiji explains what it takes to be a karma yogi and how to attain spiritual advancment through action. 


'For a lot of people, action is a burden. They want to postpone action. Why do they want to postpone it? Because doing it is boring. There is a borehole of boredom in us. Therefore, we feel bored. Look into procrastination. Because you do not enjoy what you do, you tend to procrastinate. When you start enjoying what you are doing, everything will become an act of beauty...Therefore, act on...while you are performing action, devathas will start supporting you; when the intentions are good, devathas will start supporting a good person...There are forces beyond your perception which will start supporting you.'