Enhancing Life

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What does it take to really enhance life and change it around for the better? Much of what we say and do, stems from the thoughts we have. The mastery of the mind is therefore key to bringing about positive changes in life. So what are the steps to detoxifying ourselves of impurities and developing a healthy, positive attitude?

The book provides valuable and practical tools for self-improvement and growth. At a more metaphysical level, it also explores the concept of God, what divinity really means in our lives and the meaning of life and death. Read it and find out what life in the third dimension is all about. 

The topics it covers are:

  • God The Ultimate Mystery
  • Life and Death an Enigma
  • Detoxify Yourself
  • Mind The Inner Amplifier
  • Attitude A Visible Leverage
  • Identify and Cleanse Your Strange Feelings
  • Ego An Inner Polluter
  • The Third Dimension
  • Secrets Revealed