Bhaja Govindam

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Swamiji delves into the profound teachings of Sri Adi Shankara Aacharya to uncover truths for modern living. He explores questions such as what the key to inner freedom is and how to conquer our perceived inner deficiencies. 

One of the important aspects of peacefull living is the ability to detache ourselves from the pitfalls of passion; but does detachment mean we stop caring for our kith and kin? Swamiji talks of the four pillars of wise living and how to balance between the part of worldly pursuits and goodness. Being in solitude and yet enjoying worldly pursuits is an art. It is an art that can be mastered. 

The book goes on from providing tools on healthy living to dealing with death and ways to encounter it. Specifically, the following concepts are explored: 

  • Unfoldment of four disciplines of life
  • The essence behind the wonderful instrument called the body
  • Four pillars for wise living to reach the ultimate
  • Who is your wife? Who is your son? Who are you? When does grace dawn?
  • This is the way. This is the path. This is the direction. This is the destination.
  • Pride and illusions chains that bind
  • Distinction of the path of worldly pursuits and goodness
  • Ways people undertake for survival needs
  • What is law of grace and how does one experience it?
  • Equal minded in all circumstances. Is it a myth or a reality?
  • Self remembering and purification of love
  • Knowledge of self is indeed knowledge of joy
  • Is society's collective context and environment impact affecting you?
  • Why does one indulge in sinful behaviour?
  • Wealth and its mysterious ways of manifestation
  • Practices for being centered and rooted