Art Of Wise Parenting

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'Firstly, one should parent oneself. We are a child and a parent. The child in us will behave in one way and the parent in us differently. Let us parent ourselves so that we are always a part of a solution rather than be a victim to a problem. Once you know the art of parenting yourself, then you can parent your children.' 


Some of the concepts explored are given below:

  • Parenting - An opportunity to grow
  • Empower your child to learn from nature
  • Empower your child to be adventurous
  • Empower your child to deeply accept facts of life
  • Empower your child by narratinginspiring real life incidents of powerful people
  • Enable your child to view failure as learning opportunities
  • Encourage your child to develop a powerful attitude
  • Enlighten your child to be like the ship...
  • Teach your child to develop a wise approach to desire
  • Show your child how to re-frame pleasure and pain
  • Walk your talk and talk your walk
  • Encourage your child to be pro-active in life
  • You are a parent and you are a child. Parent yourself first
  • Empower your child by giving unconditional love
  • Enable your child to look at problems as 'challenges'
  • Let every parent keep the spirit of the child alive
  • In a nutshell
  • Practice plan
  • Parenting - A few questions